The latest Blingies

I’ve been at it again, making Blingies for the web site just in time for the holidays!  Here’s the latest earrings  freshly minted and already listed on our Gifts & More page, found here.


Captured in Amber (600x800) Earth Mother (600x800) Green With Envy (600x800) Pearlescence (600x800)


The Pearlescence earrings are the Swan of the group – thanks to their Swarovski crytals, and the frosted glass beads give them a touch more sophistication.   I could easily see someone with pretty green eyes wanting to wear the Green With Envy dangles (like my pretty green eyed daughter) to bring those eyes out into the spotlight where they belong.   Captured in Amber are crafted with beads that are not actually of amber but amber coloured glass with swirls of red throughout to give the look of something captured in time in the time capsule that amber truly is.  Earth Mother is my simple set – basic earth tones, small beads, keeping it simple and understated for those times when too much is not appropriate, but a little something is more than enough.  I had such fun with these and now will look forward to putting together even more designs for decorating the ears, wrists, and swan-like necks of those who need to glam it just a bit.


Now I’m off to study up on how to craft some bracelets, necklaces and of course, more earrings!  Happy Monday all!


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