Liquid Soap to start off November

The  liquid soap was started yesterday afternoon around 3 pm, but believe it or not, I’m still working on it 21 hours later.  It’s now diluting, which is what takes the longest for me.  If anyone who reads my blog also makes liquid soap, please pip in with how long your batches typically take.  These always seem to take about 2 days to complete, start to finish, and I’m curious to know if others have this lengthy timeline as well.

I decided to try some different oils, not because there’s anything wrong with the previous batches and their results, but rather just out of curiosity to see what other oils bring to the batch’s characteristics.  I tried wheat germ, rice bran, coconut,  pumpkin seed, and grape seed oils in this one.  There were a few extras as well.  I also added, for their nutritive benefits, Vitamin E & DL Panthenol (a B vitamin) and a dash of caffeine and a splash of silk amino acids.  These were stick blended into the oils prior to the addition of the KOH & glycerin solution that had already been dissolved completely and slightly cooled.

This rendered a large batch that was the usual amber tinted paste, and very silky looking, like salt water taffy or perhaps closer to pulled sugar for wedding cakes.  Really pretty!    While it was still very hot, about 35 oz of very hot water was added and blended in, but it was still a very stiff paste,  The burner was turned off beneath the paste and a pot of 70 oz of additional water was heated to very hot, but not boiling, just bubbling a bit.  This was left to steep for several hours, then very low heat was turned on beneath the pot of soap.  It stayed on for about 2-3 hrs, then turned off for the night.  This morning, the paste had still not yet dissolved completely, but was well on its way to being there, so an additional warmth was added, and about 35 oz of hot water was added.  This is now still steeping, to soften and thin it down to a pourable stage.  I added some of it to a bottle and tested out the bubbles.  It was still hot enough to warp the bottle!  But the lather was outstanding, and my skin felt extremely soft, silky, not dried out or taut.  See for yourself –

Bubbles! (800x600)
Silky feel, soft, stable thick bubbles.

More Bubbles! (800x600)



Love how this one feels during the wash and after!  It might be amber, but it feels like gold!

Anhydrous caffeine is believed to stimulate hair follicles and scalp for healthy scalp and hair, encourage growth, and firm skin when added to lotions, balms, and liquid soaps.  It’s believed to help with cellulite, too.  This coupled with the tocopherol (vitamin E) will be a boon for skin so you will be left feeling refreshed and softly cleansed.  I hesitate to use too many words that would describe it as treating something, fixing something, helping with certain issues for obvious reasons.  If you choose to do your own research into the ingredients noted, you’ll see what this formulation will offer as well as why I chose to include them.  I love using a tiny bit of caffeine inn my body lotions for give the lotions those properties I love so much.  The last batch of lotion made was a wonderful blend of golden jojoba & peach kernel oils that, while softening, and moisturizing upon application initially, they left behind, once absorbed, a satiny smooth after-feel that is much nicer than a greasy sticky feel others have had.  I’ll stick with that blend for a good while, I think!

The other oils, like wheat germ, brings a large additional amount of Vitamin E, and additionally also adds Vitamins A & D, antioxidants, and is believed to treat vitiligo  and is a perfect carrier oil for various preparations for muscle rubs, balms, facial blends & serums as it’s also believed to help with the signs of aging.

Rice Bran oil is a tidy package of antioxidants and vitamins for your skin, including an abundance of B vitamins and E, improves skin’s elasticity and suppleness, and lends a bit of sunscreen thanks to the Vit E as well to keep you younger looking longer.

Pumpkin Seed Oil deeply moisturizes your skin, while it also helps with acne, fights free radical damage, aids firmness, lightly encourages exfoliation and reduces irritation.  The benefits are increased when taken internally in the form of a daily supplement, though not from our soap.  A healthy snack of pumpkin seeds are a wealth of goodness for your entire body! They include Vitamins K, E, B and A, loaded with fiber, and packed with phytosterols that help fight the ‘bad’cholesterol,  LDL.  Additionally, they also help you mellow out as they’re a storehouse of tryptophan, which will give you that feel good mood that aids in relaxing enough for a good night’s sleep.   You’ll be glowing from the inside out!


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