Building web sites, tweaking, etc

I don’t know what sorts of experiences you might have had with building your own web sites.  Perhaps you loved it, or maybe you had one that had you shaking your head in confusion wondering what the heck they were talking about most of the time.  We’ve all had times like that really, when we were running up against a brick wall and not getting anywhere at all despite hours, or even days at the computer trying to get a web site built the way you wanted it.

The option to build one myself was a given really for me because I have control issues.  I like to be able to know how to add something, change it around, change the appearance whenever I want, change fonts (whole other story with that one!) when the mood strikes, but mostly I wanted my customers to be able to use their cards on my site and remain on my site when doing so.  That was the biggest problem for me.  I wanted that ease but the web site I have with Weebly didn’t have that sort of ecommerce technology. I didn’t want to go elsewhere for a new web site just so I could have the luxury of card acceptance, so I hung in there, waiting patiently, then not so patiently, for something to change and…. tah dah!  It finally did!

Recently Weebly has added in new ecommerce features that allows me to go from my Pro version of Weebly, a subscription with ownership of my own domain name and site, to the new Business Plan.  It allows me to accept credit cards through two choices for a gateway service, one was Stripe.  Maybe someone out there has had experience with Stripe and found it to be terrible or terrific, but so far, so good here!

When I was faced with the renewal of my Pro site subscription I had a question for the Weebly team, one that basically was this – if I have the Pro currently and just the one web site with that name with them, is there a need to maintain the Pro AND the Business Plan.  Seems like a no brainer for many, but I didn’t want any doubt in my mind about the answer, so I asked.  A couple of days later they responded and told me that since I had the Pro version for a long time,  and it was up for renewal they’d give me an extension for free for the next 6 months since I’d paid for the Business Plan already.  This is just one example of why I love Weebly and really wanted to stay with them if it was possible.  They have such great customer service, going above and beyond whenever possible.    I’ve never had any serious problems with the web site or how to change things around when another whim hit,  including theme or how to add in widgets (or remove them).

I love Weebly – I’m a huge fan of how they’ve handled their free web site set ups, had that fandom grow exponentially when the site went to Pro, and now that they’re offering a Business Plan, including SSL with the addition of ecommerce, I’m forever sold on them.  Their customer service is prompt, clear, and friendly.  If you want to build it yourself because of either budget constraints or just want to be able to have complete control of the decisions of how it looks, this is the one I’d recommend.  Even more strongly I’d recommend it for those who are just starting out and want to go with baby steps and start with the free version and learn as you go, building it yourself, adding things, changing, tweaking, on your schedule.  It’s the best way to start and the best place.  I paid for the Pro version on a 6 month basis, which made it very affordable  The eCommerce Business Plan has extremely competitive pricing if budget is a major concern, and who doesn’t have budget issues these days!

Take a look at the site now with the eCommerce st up with their Business Plan  and see for yourself.  I love it!  And now that it’s all done except for the occasional maintenance and adding of new products, I’ll have more time to soap and craft, so let’s get back to work and prepare for the holiday shopping season!


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