Therapeutic soapmaking

Today was, well, awful.  Major problems at the other job caused me to just lose it.  Completely.  It wasn’t pleasant and definitely not pretty.   I have very limited hours so every little thing that delays my tasks is bordering on catastrophic as everything slows down to a dead halt until tomorrow when I can return.  Well, this week the work computer has let me down.  Big time.  Not letting me log on without trying two or three times before it finally lets me get onto my desktop settings.  This easily makes what once took 2-3 minutes, now takes 10-20.  Ridiculous!  I’ve called, asked for help, asked them to let me stay home while they worked on it.  Still not working and they won’t let me stay home until the blood pressure hijack headache goes away that this whole thing caused.  I don’t think I’ve ever lost it at work, but today was a first.  Stress has been really getting to me lately and not sure why now.  It just reach critical mass now and I need a break, but can’t take one.

So, what to do when soapers get stressed out?  You make soap.  Not just any soap.  It must be a soap that you are comfortable with in the ingredients and process, using colours that won’t let you down, and a fragrance that will easily blend without gremlins at any point in time.  So, today I worked up a new, replacement batch of the Black Missions Fig from  I’ve made it before, making only 2 lbs that time since I wasn’t sure how it would behave, and after the fact knew that it would be an easy soaping fragrance, so I went for a larger sized batch, this time making 4 lbs.

There are easily 5-6 batches that could’ve been made, but this is the one I chose to do.  Why this one?  The scent.  Plain and simple.  The scent is of sweet, juicy, warmed-in-the-summer-sun figs with a bit of woody stems and leafy green leaves.  It’s soft, sweet with a gentle glide of aroma that both tantalizes and speaks eloquently of solitude and serenity in a sunny bower amongst a garden’s beautiful plants, bushes, and flowers.  It soothed me with its gentle touch, massages my rattled nerves, calmed my raging headache (for a while anyway), and kept my mind occupied with what to do with this one that will be pleasing both aromatically and aesthetically.  I hope I’ve managed to pull both off adequately.

This batch looks quite different from the first.  Where the first was topped with silver, this one is topped with warm gold.No mica or glycerin swirl on the top either, just a light dusting of Celestial Sun (TKB) glitter The colours are deeper – a deep almost black green to represent the leaves, stems and branches of a fig bush and a dark plummy red for the figs.  I started out with a drop swirl but then used a long-handled spoon to give it a bit more drama inside.  We’ll see in a day or two how that turned out.  The colours, from TKB Trading were reliable ones they’ve rated as cp stable and so far, they’re right on the money.

It has no other major departures from the previous batch – still includes colloidal oatmeal, coconut milk, Tussah silk, goat’s milk, buttermilk, vitamin E.   It sure helped me get back into balance again though.  I needed that!

Does anyone else ever have those days where you just want everyone and everything to just go away and leave you alone?  You put on some music maybe, or run a favorite movie or tv show for background  and just soap because it calms you?  Once upon a time in another lifetime, I played the piano to do that.  It took all of my concentration so nothing else mattered anymore, no one else existed, it was just me bringing out the music that was hiding inside the pages of a book tucked inside a piano bench.  Maybe I need to return to those days again.  Find the music again.  Meanwhile, I’d like to hear what you do to unwind after a particularly rough day.  What’s your mental vacation?  Do you have a regular ‘escape’ routine you turn to when things just get to be too much?  I’d love to hear about it.

And while I await to hear from my readers,  here’s the new batch, still wet and in the mold for now….

Blush Fig- Ready Dec 23.
Blush Fig- Ready Dec 23.

Thursday, November 21 – So, as it turns out this soap set up remarkably fast!  A few hours in the fridge to prevent gel, then removed it and left it out to get to room temp over night, then cut it into bars this morning.  Scared me how firm the loaf was!  I thought the wires might break, but thank goodness, none did.  There are ten full sized 7 oz bars, though there will be some loss during the cure due to evvaporation,  and 6 samples, 3 large and 3 small.  It smells dreamy, too just like the first time, so clearly nothing else has changed other than the look of it.  These will be ready, as mentioned before, on December 23rd and they’re now listed on the web site as a Pre-Order soap.  It’s in the drop down menu that appears when you hover your pointer over the Silk & Milk Soaps tab on the web site. Pop in and take a look and knock a few things off your Christmas shopping list while you’re there.  We’re still offering free shipping on all orders placed between now and December 10th, which is just around the corner.

Blush Fig bars
Blush Fig bars

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