Lavender-Chamomile with White Tea

Lavender-Chamomile with White Tea
Lavender-Chamomile with White Tea


The latest batch to appear on the curing rack is a remake of one that disappeared quickly – Lavender Chamomile.  This batch had a little something extra, a twist of white tea.  Gave it just enough of a lift to make it lighter, though once it went into the soap, the lavender overtook everything.  In the bottle it was ethereal, surprisingly sophisticated. In the soap, there’s a stronger note of the lavender, though the chamomile makes its presence known well enough as well.  The White Tea is such as subtle note even on its own, that it kind of gets pushed into the background.   Maybe a bit further into the background than I would have liked, but there’s still some of this blend left, so there’s always next time.  I liked the colours, Cancerian Heat and Emerald Green from TKB, though they’re dark  it’s a nice contrast from the lighter background.  This batch did include some titanium dioxide so they would be a contrast between the background and the colours.  I didn’t use any in the recent version of the Blush Fig,  that was deliberate.  With the fig, it should be a slightly creamy, ecru-plummy background with the other colours blended around it, because it was Black Mission Fig. Different story with the  Chamomile -Lavender. Everyone know a chamomile flower is a small, pristine-white petalled flower, so the white is an understandable choice, equally so the lavender and the green.  The lavender was more of a pinkish-lavender, but it’s good to change things up now and again, don’t you think?  I really don’t like repeating myself, creating the same soap twice, at least, not in appearance anyway.  The other batches were mostly green, so this is definitely a departure from that.  This characteristics with the choices of oils gave me a rating of 7.2 out of 10 in moisturizing,  a 6.2 out of 10 in stable lather, 1 4.7 out of 10 in fluffy lather, and a 5.5 out of 10 in hardness.  I like a good moisturizing bar and when it’s high in the stable lather the creaminess of the lather is exactly the way I like for it to feel.  The addition of the Kaolin Clay and Silk were just icing on the soapy cake.  There’s also three milks – coconut milk, goat’s milk, and buttermilk, so lots of skin-loving goodness there that makes for a really rich dense lather, particularly due to the coconut milk.   I love using that in soaps!  It really makes the soap feel spectacularly rich.  This match used, once again, coconut water, though it’s better to use it as frozen cubes so the sugars in it dont burn too much.  They still turn orange, but not as much as when it’s only cold or worse when it’s room temp.

So with this one done and awaiting it’s date to the prom, it’s time to begin plotting the Next Big Thing.  I was listening to a story about a brewery in California that makes honey mead in many flavours, some of them are distributed in North Carolina. Knowing that many soapers love to include beeswax or honey in their soaps, it made me wonder what a soap would be like if mead were to be incorporated into the liquid phase either in full or in part.  Some soapers are also beekeepers and one even stated that a family member also makes mead.  She said her relative would be a very unhappy camper were she to use mead, after its long process is complete and aging is done, to just ‘waste’ it in a soap.  I can understand that if it’s theirs and their time was taken up by its production.  However, if it’s one I bought for the sole purpose of using in a soap, that’s entirely different.  So, my mission for this week is clear.  I go in search of mead.  There are several places I know of to check into to see if there’s anything close to it around.  There’s also the matter of a slight wait ahead while more Peach Kernel Oil arrives on my doorstep along with an order from my favorite fragrance oil supplier for some new fragrances! I can’t begin to describe how excited I am to be getting these hopefully by Wednesday!  Once they’re here, more goodies will be posted along with pics, so you can now consider yourself warned.  There’s much more to come!

This is the perfect time to be doing all of these indoor tasks.  A brutal cold front is coming through and the highs will be only in the 30s, which yes, that IS brutal for we Southerners.  We’re used to warmer temps than stuff that’s usually experienced in Canada or Wisconsin.  This cold hurts!  So, it’s warm woolies, fleecy PJs, and thick fur-lined slippers for us for a few days. Or maybe this cold is here to stay for a while.   In which case.  break out the space heaters, a good book an a warm blanket.  I’m hibernating til it’s over! Fingers crossed no one gets sick! That goes for all of my blog readers, too.  Stay healthy out there!


4 Replies to “Lavender-Chamomile with White Tea”

  1. I’ve always wondered how lavender chamomile smells like. It sounds really good! Beautiful colors and swirls on your soap! I can’t tell from the photo, but does the sparkle of the mica come through?


    1. Unfortunately, no it doesn’t in the cp soap. If you use it in an oil-mica swirl or a glycerin-mica swirl on the top then it’s really given it’s chance to shine. You should try it sometime! And when you do, post pictures and tell us about it!


      1. I used mica for the first time ever the other day. I made an oil-mica swirl and I am quite happy with the way it came out. I will post about it after finishing my other drafts. Based on your experience, I will just save my micas for soap tops as I like the sparkly effect. 🙂


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