Quick note about the weekend and the web site.

If any of you have visited the web site lately and been planning on shopping for Christmas gifts this weekend, you couldn’t have timed it out better!  I’ve put up coupon codes to use on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.  Depending on the turnout for the Saturday sale, I might be talked into extending it over to Sunday as well.

For those wanting the inside scoop, the codes are as follows:

For the Black Friday sale, you get 10% off on youor order total when you use the Code BLACKFRIDAY

For the Small Business Saturday sale, use the coupon code; SMALBIZSAT and get 12% off!

For Cyber Monday, use the coupon code: CYBERMONDAY and get 15% off your total order!

Of course these reductions on items in the store are dependent on the supplies on hand.  When everything’s gone, there will be no more for another four weeks in the soaps department, so hurry in and lock in yours and please be sure to tell your friends to shop small business this year. thank you!


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