Where’d she go?

It’s been a bit longer than I’d planned since the last blog post, and for that I apologize, but the family had some exciting happenings going on recently so I literally was too busy and distracted to do anything soap or biz related.  We have a new family member.  My second grandchild arrived on the anniversary of her great-great-grandfather’s birthday, so the day was doubly special for everyone.

Madalyn Anne
Madalyn Anne


My granddaughter arrive at 1:16 in the morning of December 4th.  She weighted 8 lb 5.3 oz, so the bet between myself and my son (the baby daddy) tipped in my favor, and she measured 20.5 inches.  She’s as cute a button as you can see and has a very sweet, quiet nature.  For now. Time will tell if that remains to be true.  For right now she has red hair despite neither parent having red hair.  My son has brown hair that was blond as a toddler, a white blond nearly, and blue eyed.  Madalyn’s mother has brown hair and dark blue eyes.  The Punnet Square on this one is in the outlier range.  Beyond the bell curve. But I’m in no hurry to see this little beauty grow up too quickly, so whether she has red hair, brown hair or no hair it’s all the same to me,  she’s too precious.

I’m also waiting for some supplies I’m in search of to be found.  I have some wonderful fragrance oils now and more will be in in another month or so, but the one thing I’m looking for that I haven’t found yet is a good quality Honey Mead.  I did, however, luck out yesterday and found a lovely Honey White beer, which I’ve spent the afternoon heating to remove the bulk of the alcohol content, so my soaping kitchen now smells like a brewery, but that’s fine.  Maybe a touch like a bakery as well.  Even better!

Now, that’s why I haven’t been in here lately and it truly has been quite an eventful week.  Madalyn’s mother adamantly stated in no uncertain terms that her baby will be using Neecy’s exclusively once she’s old enough for soaps, which I was thrilled to bits to hear, and flattered that she fully endorsed my line over Johnson’s & Johnson’s.  ♥


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