A Soapmaker’s Christmas Eve

So how does a soapmaker spend their Christmas Eve when the chickadees have all fled the nest?  She soaps something new scent-wise and style-wise, of course.

Today’s fragrance oil was Lime Margarita from www.soapmakingfragranceoils.com, a stunning Emerald Green mica from TKB Trading and a glittery mica also from TKB that is absolutely so beautiful it defies description.  It’s from the Mermaid Collection and called SeaWitch.  Since the beautiful sparkle would be lost and the colour shifting would likely not make it through the saponification process or the lye, I decided to use it on the top rather than within the soap itself.

The soap is a solid colour of a pale, lime green created with Hydrated Chrome Green from Bramble Berry mixed with a bit of Diamond Dust from Nature’s Garden and used extremely sparingly.  I wish I’d used the oil/mica mix I’d made for the tops in the soap itself because the FO accelerated on me a good bit so stick blending to smoothness wasn’t an option, so there might me speckles of colour, but I feel it will lend a textural effect to the bars so long as they aren’t too big.

A bit of a can of the Lime-A-Rita, from Budweiser, was cooked down and cooled, then used as part of the liquid part of the soap.  It was added after the lye was dissolved in water and partly blended into the oils.  It didn’t turn an off-colour when done that way when making the mead soap, so this method is the way to go with the tipsy soaps.

This fragrance is sublime, no pun intended.   Absolutely mouth-watering.  Like lime candy, lime Kool-Aid, or perhaps the best lime daiquiri you’ve ever had in your life.  It really sticks through the cold process method and I can only imagine how delectable it will be in a body wash!  I know what my next bottle of body wash will be scented with!

I also tried something different in the loaf over all.  Instead of swirls or multiple colours, the entire loaf is all the light lime green.  Additionally,  I’ve tried my first pencil line.  I’m not sure how much was actually needed that would show up and still allow the two portions of the batter to stick to each other, so we’ll see if this is enough or to go with a bit more next time.  But I wanted to try something different and pencil line seems the one to try this time around.  I used the Emerald Green Mica that was used in the Mica/Oil swirl on the top and dusted it on with the tea diffuser that once was used for the glitters.  It was replaced with the tiny salt shakers for dusting soap tops with glitter when I found several boxes of them in my closet.  There’s all kinds of uses to be found with wedding reception surplus!

The top actually has two swirls; the Emerald Green Mica in oil (taken from the mixed oils in the soaping bucket) then a mica/glycerin swirl with some of the SeaWitch glittery mica.  It was gorgeous in the tiny little cup so I hope it leaves a lovely tracery once it’s seeped in in a day or two.

It was chilled in the fridge for several hours, to prevent it from overheating and preventing a partial gel which can happen with the sugars that are in the Lime-A-Rita.  So here’s how it looks right now. and in another day or two, it’ll be cut and we’ll see how the inside turned out.

View 3 (768x1024)

To update on this soap, it’s now been cut:  Cut view with pencil line (800x600)

The solid colour is even throughout, which was a concern since I added the colour in powder form and stick blending was getting tricky due to the acceleration, but it got in there and the pencil is exactly the way it was meant to look. It was a bit of the Emerald Green Mica, as mentioned earlier, and it was sprinkled on with a tea diffuser made of mesh that you squeeze the handle to open.  They’re still a bit soft and slightly wet, which is the reason for the darker circles in the middle, but as the soap continues to dry they’ll disappear, leaving a solid light green behind.  It’s such a refreshing, juicy citrus-y scent! If you like fruity scented soaps this one will have you falling in love.  These will go onto the web site as Pre-orders for now, but later will be switched to the regular page for boozy soaps called Wine,  Ale & Other Spirits Soaps when they’re fully cured after January 25th.


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