Spectacular Photos of Frozen Lighthouses on Lake Michigan

Is it this cold where you are today? If not, thank your lucky stars and then take a minute to thank these intrepid warriors behind the camera lens to take such stunning photos and share with us. Yes, it’s cold where I am in NC, but only down to 9°F this morning, whilst other places are experiencing temps in the range of -25 to – 50° F. Times like these are worth sharing and spreading around, so enjoy the art work in these stunning images. Stay warm, everyone!


As you’ve undoubtedly read unless you’ve been under a rock (or in Florida) for the last few days, this week it’s going to be insanely cold across the US. Here in NYC it’ll be well below freezing tomorrow, but still a whole lot warmer than it’ll be in places like Minnesota and North Dakota, where it’s apparently going to be something like -50ºF. It’s a serious business, but if nothing else, winter landscapes provide stark and occasionally otherworldly beauty. As such, it seems like a good time to present these crazy photos of frozen lighthouses on Lake Michigan (which, incidentally, is steaming this morning.) They’re the work of photographers Thomas Zakowski and Tom Gill, and come courtesy of BoredPanda (note: Gill’s work also appeared on Huffington Post last year.)

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