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Freshly labeled body wash
Freshly labeled body wash

After about 2 straight days of working on the labels , printing them and getting them all applied, there are 20 scents in our Silken Hand & Body Wash and they’re all up on the site now.  They’re clean, clear easy to read and available in two sizes – 4 oz and 8 oz.  Later I’ll begin work on the 16 oz size if the demand is there, but these two sizes are the most popular, so I’m not pushing to get the larger size up and ready to go.  The demand thus far just hasn’t been there, but these turned out nicely and hopefully customers will think so, too, enough to buy some at least.  The body wash is really nice to use, not at all drying, leaving my hands & body feeling very soft, clean, and silky, not dried out at all.  I don’t feel like I have to hustle to the lotion bottle.  I still use lotion later though, being winter, because it’s absolutely necessary!  It helps stop that static from zapping me all the time, though it sinks in eventually, but for a while at least I’m granted a reprieve and my skin is much happier for the additional moisturizing layer.  Winter time is terrible, isn’t it?  Torture on our skin and bodies!

Clip art was used for the background and washed out a bit, then the text was added in with a shadow effect, using the 2 fonts I like to use that identify it as my product (branding) then covered to protect from smears.  I have waterproof labels, but they’re not laid out in a form that printer seems to like so when trying to use them it doesn’t play well together with the forms.  Maybe one day they’ll reach an agreement, but right now they aren’t.  PicMonkey and Picasa are great programs to use for tweaking labels into something that can become just yours alone. Something that tells everyone out there “This is mine!”

I’ve also been feeding my font obsessions and found some really fun fonts to add to my now huge collection in the computer and these will appear now and then in blogs, labels, emails, etc.  That was about four days on the computer, but it was time very well spent.  Fonts are vital, even if you think the ones you have now are fine and will work because they’re easy to read, go small enough for your labels, etc, there’s always more out there to be found, and many of them are free.  Some really gorgeous ones are also available, but not so free, but if they have multiple uses in numerous applications, they’d be worth the investment to buy.   I’m not saying spend $95 on a font that’s so cute you can’t resist but have no particular project in mind for it, but rather one that strikes you as very cute, attractive, or unique in some way that would look very eye-catching on a label for a certain soap, body wash, or other product as soon as you see it listed.  I’ve been to mainly www.dafont.com to find most of mine and their listings are huge.  So huge, they’re divided up into various types and styles, so be prepared to spend days looking through them and downloading the one that truly strike a chord within.

Belly Butter (800x600)

Yet another addition to our line up, though it looks like something already there, is shown above.  It’s labeled Whipped Belly Butter, and you’re thinking, well, you already have that here.  Well, the label on this one is deceptive.  I’ve used that label for a reason.  One I cannot say at this time, but all will be revealed at a later date, but for now, suffice it to say, it’s a specialized body butter that I’ve developed for use for a particular sector of the population.  A very special sector.  It’s now being shipped off to its recipient with this label with the knowledge that it’s not going to be called this permanently.  Once the time is upon us, I’ll release the real name and the product will become visible on the site,  It’s there, but it’s been hidden for now.  This butter is unscented, but could be scented if demand is there.  I’m thinking of just certain fragrances for it, not the full line, which is quite extensive, but just a few that are perfect for this particular product.  You’ll see when the time comes.  Don’t you just love a mystery?

Caribbean Sand circa 2014
Caribbean Sand circa 2014

Caribbean Sands is also making a comeback after being depleted in our stock for a while but with a couple of twists.  One is I left out the sand colour except at the top of the bars.  Sand bars maybe?  🙂   But the mica swirl at the top was the same colour was was used in previous batches, but with an additional sprinkling of gold mica glitter blended in to give it a bit more kick in the swirls.  This switch up is a bit different, though I’m hoping others will feel it’s a positive switch. Well, anyway, the other change was part of the liquid being aloe juice instead of all water.  It seemed appropriate though, don’t you think?  A soap scented with a sunshine & beaches scent just cries out for aloe in it.  Like it’s part of the sunburn treatment regime, but I’m not touting it that way.  It’s going over to the Aloe Soaps page once it comes out of the Pre-Order status. It has three colours, all from TKB Trading – Pale Aqua, Pearl Blue, and Coral Reef Blue.  Here in this CP soap, you can see that these colours do not morph at all, remaining stable and true to their colour throughout the process.  I’ve used their Lemon Drop a couple of times in CP soap and it’s a bit of a shock to see it turn bright orange in the soap while it’s still in the liquid state, but once it solidifies and the saponification is complete, it goes back to its true colour – Lemon Drop yellow.  So, for you soapers out there reading this, if you use that colour, don’t be surprised bu the change, or try adding more colour, just wait a day or two at most, and it will go back to the colour you saw in the powder form.

We’ve also recently just gotten in some new oils, ones I’ve never used before.  We now have for soaps and/or body butters & lotions Cherry Kernel Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, and the third is one most everyone has used for things other than soap, Fractionated Coconut Oil.  I’ve wanted add it to my lotion formulations and see what results come from this.  I like the drier oils for lotions as they don’t leave skin feeling heavy, clogged, sticky or weighed down.  The peach kernel, jojoba, and wheat germ oils are really nice ones for bringing that touch to a lotion.  It sinks in very nicely, very cleanly, no greasy after feel or residue, so that’s what these new oils are for as well.  The coconut is great for use in lip balms, which I’m still tweaking even though the last batch turned out very nicely, not too loose so it falls apart when applying it, not too stiff that it pulls the skin during application.  I’m still working out that perfect balance of bees wax per amount of oils for the different oil blends.  It does change things a bit when other oils are used. So look for new oils in many of our products as time goes on, and I’ll be sure to post about how they’ve performed, good or bad.

Another things I’d like to pass along to those of you who are the creative types (which is ALL of you, otherwise why would you be here!), maybe seeking some fresh ideas, and want to avoid the Pinterest black hole, from which there’s no quick escape, check out these very inspiring publications from Stampington & Company.  Find them here.

Artful Blogging – Visually Inspiring Online Journals


Belle Armoire

Haute Handbags

Where Women Create Business

and numerous others!

These publications are not monthly, but rather every quarter in most cases or semi annual.  They’re completely worth the money and the wait.  The photography is clear, clean, directions are easy to follow, the stories of others creating their own place in the digital world is inspiring, making this much better than Pinterest and you will be able to put it down long enough to prevent dinner from burning.  You really need to check out these publications.  Your business, crafts, and points of inspiration will never be the same!


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