The return of a traditional favourite

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’ve loved this fragrance for years now and missed it when I tried using another one.  It just wasn’t the same.  Didn’t have that same kick to the senses that the original had, at least for me. It was inevitable that I’d return to my roots and go with the fragrance Boston Tea Party from Nature’s Garden.  This version from NG is hands down, my favourite of all the tea scents out there today.  There’s a very nice White Tea – light, wispy, ethereal from Wholesale Supplies Plus as well that makes a fantastic blender for other fragrances if you’re looking for that extra something to go with herbal notes or some green stemmy notes alongside the florals, this is a good one to try.  I’ve used it with some other fragrance oils with a great soap as the end result, so give these a whirl and see for yourself how fresh, uplifting and refreshing they are!

I opted to use the hemp milk this time around for the batch made yesterday (Feb 19th), mixed the colloidal oatmeal into it and let it set up for a day or so to soften the oatmeal up a bit then used a new blend of 6 oils, Vitamin E, Tussah silk and some stunning colours from The Conservatorie.  The colours were the exact same ones I’ve used before for this particular soap, opted to not use any embeds as were used in the first batch of this soap, and used Celestial Sun glitter in a light sprinkling across the top after the swirls were done.  No peaks were made.

This fragrance oil has absolutely no gremlins attached to it.  It kept the soap beautifully thin throughout the whole time I was working on the pour and the swirling.  It actually took quite a while for me to be able to do the tops so they’d stay somewhat rippled at least a little bit.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it thins out your soaps.  I think it was mainly the oils I used that kept it loose and flowing smoothly.  I’d use this blend of oils again in a heartbeat in another batch and likely will use it with the mens fragrance Prime from to see how that one holds up under cold process’s high pH, swirling, etc.

So I leave you now with the images of the soap after it was poured, both before and after the swirling done to the top, as well as the cut view.

Before the swirling on the top.
Before the swirling on the top.
After the swirling with Lemon Drop mica/oil swirl
After the swirling with Lemon Drop mica/oil swirl and Celestial Sun glitter

and last but not least , the cut view. Every one's a winner!
and last but not least , the cut view. Every one’s a winner!