Cherry Kernel & Pomegranate Lotion

The name is a bit of a mouthful, but a bottle of this creamy lotion is more than a bottleful of wonderful.  So the natural question for this lotion is typically – “What’s so special about cherry kernel oil?”  Well for starters, it’s loaded with three types of tocopherols (Vitamin E) – alpha, delta & gamma, plus Vitamin A.  It’s also known to contain oleic acid, which lends a marvelous moisturizing quality to the emulsion. It’s a light oil that is ideally suited to make the perfect addition to lip balms, body butters, lotions, or light-weight liquid soaps that moisturize without stripping or over-drying your skin or hair. It would make a truly fabulous shampoo soap in bar or liquid form.  It’s very similar to Peach Kernel Oil or Sweet Almond Oil and performs similarly in the various products mentioned.  This oil intrigued me.  That’s the bottom line as to why I decided to try it out in formulations.  Who can resist cherries?  Really?  Just the name alone sounds fun, playful, sweet, so what better ingredient than this to add to something that is sure to make your skin all but sing out loud for joy!  It was among a very short list of new oils I was impressed with by their qualities, their qualities lent to various types of bath & body products, and this was one of three I added to my inventory recently for a batch of what’s sure to be a truly enriching experience in lotion-making and lotion use.  Cherry Kernel oil bears no scent of the fruit it is derived from, so clashes with your fragrances or the unscented state some customer may want will not be a problem. You can find this oil here.

I tried out a new fragrance as well, one from Rustic Escentuals, called Ocean Breeze, that is described by their web site as ‘just the right combinations of salty sea and fragrant foliage.”  Can you hear the ocean waves crashing along the shore yet?  One whiff of this and you will!  This is surely going to become a favorite here among the ocean-like scents.  They’re a personal weakness of mine, but this one in particular is truly bliss.  Beachside Bliss.  I’ll be trying it out  in a soap soon, too.  Just need an afternoon of no interruptions – please! – and we’ll see how fabulous it smells in a cp soap.

Cherry Kernel & Pomegranate
Cherry Kernel & Pomegranate Lotion

Initially this was thick enough to stand a spoon, a metal spoon, up in it, but once you add fragrance it isn’t quite so thick.  It could easily be thickened up a bit more to make it remain a bit thicker after the addition of the scent if that’s the consistency some prefer. I might split this batch into halves and thicken one half further to do that.  I like a really thick lotion, but there are times when something lighter is preferred and not everyone likes a thicker lotion as I do, so all preference need to be considered.

You really need to try this one out soon.  It also works beautifully as a carrier oil for massage oils, oil-based perfumes, sugar or salt scrubs, bath oils, or base for an aromatherapy oil.


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