Fresh Air!

You’re probably thinking this will be about either air pollution and the toxins in the air, or vacation plans.  Wrong on both counts.  I’m a soapmaker, so this post is about a batch called Fresh Air.  This is without a doubt one of my favorite fragrances of all time.  It’s a mind-blowing, sophisticated blend of zesty limes, sweet herbaceous basil and juicy mandarin!  There are other notes as well, such as a bit of patchouli and vetiver lending an earthy, deep base layer, and a bit of iris, which explains the sophistication of this fragrance.  The original batch was made as a coconut water recipe, but I opted to make this one a Silk batch only.  All batches have silk, coconut milk & colloidal oatmeal, but not all have coconut water.

It was used in a bar batch some time ago with colours matching the fragrance notes of the mandarin, basil, & lime, so it had a pale green base colour with a swirl of orange.  Not much contrast, but with this fragrance the pattern was totally secondary!   This time around it was a different thought completely.  I decided to go with the imagery brought to mind when discussing air, sky, and fresh breezes.  I imagine puffy white clouds over a brilliant blue sky, so these colour were used have two shades of blue, one light, one dark, and white.  It’s done with a white base, an in-the-pot swirl of the dark blue & white, and a light blue swirl though each of these. then a mildly textured top with swoops of blue through a white ground.  A generous dusting of a beautiful glitter from TKB Trading and their Mermaid Collection was used to make the top pop.

Fresh Air in the mold
Fresh Air in the mold

If you’ve never seen these glitters, you really should check them out for yourself by ordering a sample pack.  Their samples is what I have at the moment but they’re worth getting in larger amounts as they are just stunning as they capture and reflect the light back in a myriad of colour!  Just breathtaking!  I’ll update this post as soon as the batch is cut.  Happy Tuesday everyone!  Hope your weather isn’t icy like ours today.


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