Fresh new batch of Fresh Lime Fizz

Man oh man does the fragrance oil for this soap send your senses reeling!  It can literally make you salivary glands start to tingle, like it senses you’re about to take a sip of a tart, zingy lime margarita.  Maybe I should have saved a bit of the one I cracked open to cook down for this!  Hm, hindsight is crystal clear.  Guess my self-control was running the show at the time the can  was opened.  Oh well.   The soap will be fantastic smelling for sure then.  And the sugars from the Lime-A-Rita will add to the bubbliness too.  Here’s the look of this batch –

Fresh Lime Fizz #2
Fresh Lime Fizz #2


Just two simple colours – green with a about a 1/4 of the soap batter as white.  One thing you’ll have to keep in mind when soaping with other liquids, like the Lime-A-Rita, or even a tea, aloe juice, coconut water, or others, is that they can change the colour of your lye solution.  Vividly!  With this malt beverage it went pink, bright pink, even though the lye & water part was chilled and the Lime-A-Rita was frozen into ice cube form.  In  this event, it works better for your soaps to use something to lighten it up a bit so the colours, if you’re using any, will blend properly and favorably.  I used some titanium dioxide to lighten up the small portion taken out  to be white, leaving the rest to be coloured with a blend of Neon Green and Pennsylvania Green from TKB Trading.  It’s also going to be necessary to cook your alcoholic beverages to remove as much of the alcohol as possible so you don’t end up with a volcanic caustic miasma all over your soaping workshop.  Lye and liquor DO NOT play well together!

I’ve soaped with brewed teas as well and even blogged on this topic once before, but in case you didn’t see that one, then, I’ll just mention the highlights here.  Teas are wonderful additional liquids to use, but don’t sweeten the entire batch.  Brew it up, take a portion out to be used for your soaps, and sweeten the rest if you know you won’t be using it any time soon so you can enjoy a refreshing glass of tea while you’re soaping.  I don’t entirely replace the water in the batches liquid portion.  It makes the soap respond unreliably and it might cause problems along the way that will prevent me from being able to work with it as is planned. The tea’s tannic acid is low enough to not interfere with the lye’s need to saponify the oils & butters, so that won’t be an issue if you are hoping to try soaping with teas.

Aloe juice will turn orange when used in cold process soaps.  I’m not really clear as to whether it’s due to the sugars caramelizing or a chemical reaction from the high pH of the lye when it comes in contact with the properties in the aloe juice.  I’ll have to do a bit further reading up on that topic to find the answer to that one, but the orange can be overcome if you aren’t planning on using that colour in your soap or work with it instead, adding more orange or a yellow to make an orange.  I have one yellow here that turns bright orange initially with the high pH of cp soap, but as the soap dries and cures, it lightens and returns to its original sunny yellow.  It’s the Lemon Drop Mica from TKB in case you’re have that one and haven’t used it yet.  Just be aware that though it’s going to be orange as you pour your soap, it will change back.  So breathe, relax, and wait for it.

I didn’t include the clays with this batch this time around.  No particular reason why, just opted to leave them out this time. I still included the coconut milk as it really makes for a far superior bubbly, rich, creamy lather in cp soaps!  The colloidal oatmeal is also always included because it just makes the skin feel soothed and softened, pampered.  I like that! Don’t you too?  The silk gives the lather a silky feel to it, too, that’s just enough opulence to make the soap a genuine treasure for every user of every age. There’s also no pencil line in this one.  Just lovely white swirls in a green background colour.  There’s a dash of opalescent glitter on the surface beneath the iridescent fine glitter, to bring a bit of  style and shimmer to every bar.  Can’t wait to cut it and find out what surprises await inside!


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