Emerald Isle

My oh my oh my oh my!   This fragrance is sooooo seductively clean, just flat out sexy that I can’t stop going back to the soap in the mold and sniffing it.  Every time I do, I just moan!  It’s unbelievably fresh & clean, a true green-blue fragrance if it had a colour to designate it.  I was looking for another fragrance to add to the mens’ line and this one is a hands-down winner as far as I’m concerned.  I definitely want my man to smell like this!  It’s  built with the notes of  French verbena, Florentine iris, lemon, violet leaves, and a base of Mysori sandalwood and ambergris.  The Mysori is a mellower version of sandalwood that creates a gentle, warm yet alluring undertone for any fragrance without the bite that other types of sandalwood can have.   This fragrance, from Nature’s Garden and Candles, is called Green Irish Tweed.  I read the reviews on this FO ahead of time to see if there would be any issues I should be forewarned about and found that most were happy with how it behaved without a hitch during the CP soaping, though there was one voicing an opinion of seizing during CP soap making.  She actually posted twice on this, after trying it again changing her procedure a bit and found it was a bit better, but the others had no problems at all.  I took from this that it depends largely on your soap recipe.  I stuck with oils that would not be likely to firm up quickly, and this worked out beautifully.  There was more than enough time to get a three-colour drop swirl done, then pour on the mica/oil on the top, smear it a bit, then go back with a skewer to give a pattern to the top.  I actually had enough time to gather up the pots, buckets, spoons etc while waiting for the soap to firm up a bit more so the oil & mica could be added to the top.

When trying out a new fragrance, it’s always helpful to read the reviews on them, see what issues others have had and if they’ve come back after redoing the soap, using the same FO but a slightly different approach.  I only wish more sites would offer the opportunity for users to give reviews.  Many of the sites I frequent do, which is a real time and money saver.  You don’t want to find out the hard way that a fragrance that you’re about to use causes acceleration when you want to try a five colour swirl, or that a soap destined to become a gift or party favour is one that rices, seizes, or overheats causing partial gel.  That bulls-eye in the middle of bars would not be a welcomed sight in your soap bars!

This soap is crafted from four oils, plus a bit of white Kaolin clay, some Vitamin E, Tussah silk, colloidal oatmeal, hemp milk and goat milk.  I’m really looking forward to trying out a bit of it to see how it feels.  Maybe one of the samples will have my name on it.  I also can’t wait to see how the swirls look inside on each bar.  I love it.  It’s like a Rorschach test card. One that smells really divine!

This batch should yield about 10 bars, give or take, depending on the number of samples and will be ready for shipping after April 30.  Once it’s been cut, I’ll put it up on the web site, so look for it no later than Wednesday!  Have a great week everyone!

Emerald Isle
Emerald Isle

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