How could anyone stay grumpy when confronted by such a happy face?











Don’t they just make you smile without even thinking about it?  Sort of the way pansies do, too.  Such sweet little faces they have, like little freckle-faced boys and doe-eyed girls looking for permission to have just one more cookie.  Right before supper.  You can’t resist, you just have to smile and say it’s okay!

These robust flowers, while bright, cheerful, often statuesque, are not that much in the fragrance department.  I don’t recall a scent when walking amongst my own sunflowers in summertime, but well, I guess it’s more of a figurative scent than a literal scent.  The fragrance evokes the feelings of warm, sticky days spent outside, watching the large blossoms nod in a warm breeze as they follow the sun westward.  A lazy, hazy, kind of day.  Spent best in a hammock and a glass of ice tea sweating in your hand as you sway dreamily in time to the beat of the bees humming and hummingbirds thrumming.

This scent is actually an extremely complex blend of fruits and florals, beginning with lemon in the top notes and ending with sandalwood as a base. In between it’s accompanied by bergamot, jasmine, rosewood, and rose, melon, and a host of others to bring on thoughts of sunshine, time spent outside, fresh breezes, and warmth on your skin.  The scent, too, will make you smile just as those adorable blooms up there do!

I’ve been using the same recipe in the past few soaps to see how it behaves with various types of fragrances.  it includes olive, coconut , hemp, watermelon seed, and cherry kernel and frankly I’ve been a bit surprised by it.  It seems to heat regardless of the fragrance used, though this one seems to have been a bit on the hotter side.  I didn’t add any beer, wine, or other spirits, yet it’s heated nearly as much as the Champagne Pear did.  The sugars from the champagne caused that one to heat up, but this batch today didn’t have any spirits in it at all.  It had coconut milk, but then so do all my soaps with only a couple of exceptions.   The hemp milk doesn’t seem to cause the heating to the same extent that coconut milk does.  It doesn’t have the sugars that coconut does.   It also doesn’t have the same amount of fats that coconut does, which is part of why I prefer to use coconut.  It gives such a creamy texture to the lather and the soap, that it’s irresistible to use it in soaps!  Use the milk then top it off with some coconut water and it’s heavenly!  Love using coconut but some folks can’t have it, so they’re the reason why I experiment and explore other options in soaps.

This batch had the coconut milk, too, of course, and the colloidal oatmeal, Tussah silk, and some Kaolin clay for a nice glide across the skin as well as the cleansing it’s known to provide.  The soap’s initial image in the mold just before going into the fridge follows and the cut views will be edited in later once they’re available.  Probably tomorrow.

Sunflowers & Sunshine Silk Soap - in the mold
Sunflowers & Sunshine Silk Soap – in the mold

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