Time Flies

Does it seem that as we grow older time speeds up?  Is it our imaginations or is it a harsh reality of working so hard to get to the next day?  Sometimes I feel like I’m missing or already have missed out on too many things that could’ve been savored just a bit longer, watched for a few minutes more, or shared with more loved ones, but time got away from me.

Today I watched my youngest son, youngest child in fact, get his Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies at UNC-Greensboro.  A huge crowd was there to look on as their own near & dears got their degrees, whether they were Bachelors, Masters, or Doctoral degrees, around 2500 students in all gaining the much-coveted ‘sheepskin’ alongside my own.  My husband joined in the cheering with a great deal of gusto – he loves a good reason to cheer and celebrate.  Joshua’s partner, twin brother, his girlfriend, older sister Ashley, who’s currently around 21.5 weeks pregnant with my third grandchild and older brother Brent, his wife Sarah and my adorable little Iddy Biddy, Madalyn, the second grandchild, were also there to cheer Joshua on as he finally finished his hard work, putting it fully behind him.  All of the anxiety-riddled nights over exams, money, car problems, more money, teachers with issues, yet more money,and classes that were too full are finally over.  I think all of us are just about as relieved as he is to have this phase in his life put to a close.  I managed to get through the ceremony without any shedding of tears though they did well up a few times, something I can be very pleased with myself for this time.  I hate crying in public.  It’s uncomfortable enough without others, complete strangers looking on.  Crowds aren’t my forte either, so this mad crush of people was very disturbing to say the least.

Joshua in 2012
Joshua in 2012

It was a beautiful day though quite hot, for a graduation and an unusual day in that it was a weekday – Friday – rather than a Saturday or Sunday.  A bit of a surprise, but there was most likely something else planned for the coliseum tomorrow that prevented it from taking place then.  It’s all for the best anyway since rain is due in tomorrow.  Josh’s  twin’s girlfriend graduates tomorrow, though I just cannot deal with two of these with such drives involved.  It was absolutely too much on my nerves today after that wild galavant through downtown G’boro,  plus I have other duties that must have my attention.  Such as – a baby shower for my only daughter.  One themed around Alice in Wonderland.

Over there on the right is my beautiful son, though this was taken two years ago, it’s virtually identical to what he looks like still.  Just as handsome as ever.  He’s sweet, kind, generous, thoughtful, funny as hell, just has brought me so much joy every single day of his life, that I cannot imagine life without him somewhere in it.  It would not be a life I’d want to participate in if he wasn’t there.

He hopes to get into radio and/or television (hence the media studies) and certainly has the voice for that!  He’s also quite talented at writing, which will work seamlessly into whatever job life throws his way, regardless of what it may be.  I hope he does go as far as he hopes & dreams of going, but without losing sight of himself.  His lively, fun easy personality is one that could get lost so quickly in the wild shuffle that notoriety can bring. Still, his dreams are big, and laughter will be bigger when he reaches those dreamy goals and I hope that he will because he’s earned it all.

SO now I can sit back a bit further into my chair and breathe a bit easier because he’s finished this, one more thing ticked off the checklist that piled up on me for this week, so now it’s on to the next.  As mentioned earlier, the baby shower!

Of course, Joshua’s my creative muse, so I run my ideas and preliminary steps past him, get his spin on it and change or not as suggestions dictate.  Sometimes it takes two noggins to come up with something worthy of public view, which I thank him for most effusively & sincerely!  Thank you, Joshua!

So now, I’ll get back to my snipping of little flags, and start working on a banner and collage tomorrow.  From there, who knows where this project will go. Once the shower’s over I can post pics of what it all looks like, but until then I apologize for being vague.  I want her to be surprised.

Much love to all and have a great Friday night, er, Saturday morning!

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