Make It Fizz

Make It Fizz,  by Holly Port, is a gold mine!  Plain and simple.  If you’re stuck in a rut making soaps, liquid, clear, or solid, goat milk or coconut milk based, yet still hungerMake It Fizz to try something else far and away different from what you’ve made so far, grab your own copy of this book and read it cover to cover.  You’ll be thoroughly tutored and informed on how to make bath bombs, bath fizzes, bubble bars and more for your customers with confidence.

Holly will guide your through what various types of oils are available to use and what they’ll bring to your recipe.  If you want one that soothes, or one that doesn’t leave behind too much oil in your tub, or one that sinks in quickly, she’ lists a very comprehensive list of oils on pg 5.   Pages 2-3 also give you a wealth of suggestions for ingredients to add to your recipe to give it  greater bubbles, purification of toxins from your skin, additives for psoriasis.

She’s also generously offered several recipes for you to try based on her many years of experimentation, trial and error so you can gain the confidence to branch out, spread those bath bomb wings and let the fizzies fly on your own recipes.  

I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking to spread their product line out further into the bath & body lines beyond bars and liquid soaps.  


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