Soaping with Black Cashmere fragrance oil

This fragrance oil, Black Cashmere, if no one has heard of it before is an enigmatic one.  It has to grow on me over time, I have to admit.  At first I was not a fan even after allowing it to mature on a test strip.  But that was then.  This is now.    I had my Fall Fragrances all lined up and test strips attached to the bottles. as usual, but the one that kept tickling my nose all week was Black Cashmere.  The review of how it performs on the site Fragrance Laboratory states a discolouration to yellow initially then tan as time passes and the soap firms up.  The tester’s soap is also shown and it’s definitely tan.  Still, I didn’t want tan.  Despite it being a fall scent, I wanted a white, a pearly white actually so I used a Pearl White mica from TKB Trading. The other two colours are Sweet Tea, also from TKB and Metallica from Mad Oils.  These two warm earthy tones were the perfect offset to the white and brings to mind fallen leaves, warm days spent fireside with wine and a really absorbing book. Which is exactly the way it’s described in the Facebook page.

If you are also a soap maker, you’ve got to give this fragrance oil a try.  It might not strike you as one you’d like initially, but it will definitely intrigue you after some time has passed and haunt you until you give it a chance.  It’s completely worth it!


The soap has Kaolin White clay incorporated into the rest of my usual goodies to add some slip for men who’d like to use this for shaving, though it’s not really formulated for shaving.  Still, it has enough lathering potential to create a nice lather, give superior slip, plenty of sexy scent over the oils I use that are touted as non-clogging, light, easily absorbed (though since it’s a soap and will wash away, that doesn’t factor in this case) and moisturizing.  If I come up with an actual shaving soap formulation that meets my standards for performance then I’ll definitely add this fragrance to the line.  It’s a winner for either gender.

So here’s Sweater Weather.  Stay warm everybody!


A Silk & Milk Soap
A Silk & Milk Soap

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