And the cut view of Frankincense & Teak/Smoke & Mirrors Blend

Temptation is now cut!
Temptation is now cut!

This one heated up quite a bit unfortunately, plus the woody reddish colour morphed into an ugly-ish brown colour, not exactly what I had in mind, but the scent is outrageously sophisticated, earthy, woody, just wonderful!  Love it and it would be a great unisex scent.  The hanger swirl was modified somewhat increasing the intricacy of the design so it doesn’t look so chevron-plain.  No offense to those who love the hanger swirls. You can see that the colour heated up.  I’ve noted this happened in two separated batches, so this particular colour will not be used again in cold-processed soap.  The black is from a mica plus a bit of activated charcoal.  The blue is Key West Blue mica from Mad Oils.  I hoped to achieve a wispy look to these and it’s there, so I’m happy with the overall results of this one.  And the scent is in a class all its own.


2 Replies to “And the cut view of Frankincense & Teak/Smoke & Mirrors Blend”

    1. Blue is one of those colours you have to watch depending on your supplier. Some can morph. Well, who are we kidding, all colours can do that, but blue, green, purple, and red, depending on the type of colour and the pH of your soap, can misbehave. But I do love a pretty blue in a soap. Thank you for the thoughts and appreciated your comments!


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