Spring anyone?

Are you yearning for some warmth that isn’t coming from a space heater?  Pining with mole-eyed wonder for a single tiny ray of sunshine?  Spring is coming, no doubt about it, the days’ gradual lengthening is testament to that already.  The temperatures & precipitation levels, however, are not so easy.  Many places are having what seems to be an endless train of storms ripping across the region, dumping growing piles of snow to be dealt with by plows, trucks, blistered hands & sore backs. It’s been pretty evenly seen as a repeat of last winter, which is exactly what the almanac called for, unfortunately.


February is typically where hope begins to spring eternal for some.  The longer days are more easily noticed.  The temps, on average may climb a degree or two.  Some of those eager-beaver flowers begin to peep out from the cold soil to give a little whisper that better days are coming.  Our yard has a patch of snowdrops that I’d saved from my late grandmother’s backyard before her property was sold.  This is now the third winter in their new home and they’re now about an  1 1/2″ above the ground.  The buds will begin to appear at the tips of those slender green blades at around a height of 3″ and I can hardly wait to see them.  They’re a welcome sight after the cold, the blustery winds, the dead leaves, and the wintry mixes that plague the long dark days of winter.  I’m not a fan of cold weather.  It feels longer every year, not to mention harder to get through.

With the increasing light, slowly warming earth, our hearts and thoughts turn towards spring and summer and the fragrances of these warmer seasons in the northern hemisphere.   There are scents a-plenty in our fragrance cabinet, but who can resist the siren song of a new one begging for a bit of attention.  Certainly I cannot!  So in this year 2015 I’ve discovered, through the in-depth descriptive powers of my favorite supplier of fragrance oils, Fragrance Laboratory  has an All-Star line up of Spring & Summer fragrances ready to make their timely debut.  I can barely wait to get my greedy fingers around these new fragrances!  They’re offering some truly luscious, mouth-watering temptations to stock your FO shelves with this year and of course, they’re always tested thoroughly before offering them to us. Here’s what they’ll have in store for us this year …..

Hibiscus Tea  – a new sort of twist on a tea fragrance with a base offered and built on Oud.  It’s just barely sweet, leaning more towards the tart side, with hints of spice and floral, though not in heavy amounts.  Hibiscus nectar is there blended with violet & iris over myrrh, lava rock, and of course the Oud wood. What a truly unique turn this one takes and it should be an adventure to work with it in our product line.

Jasmine Neroli –   fresh, clean, light, with notes of white florals, a subtle touch of green to complement, bergamot, lime, and neroli coupled with jasmine at the heart of it all.  All this beauty is based over orange blossom and bamboo.  What a olfactory treat this is going to be to work with!  It would be great in the bath & body line, but think of the wondrous possibilities for home and household freshening.  A laundry powder?  Room freshener, linen spritz, natural home cleaning products?  Just heaven!

Nectarine – This one is nectarine, without a doubt, and just for the fans of juicy peaches and nectarines!  It’s refreshing, juicy, and built alongside notes of currant, lime, over oak.  No herbal notes, no floral notes, just that summer-fresh, mouth-watering scent to make your taste buds tingle – nectarine!

Green Tea – A calming, soothing blend of top notes lemon, mandarin, bergamot, over sage, nutmeg and cardamom with violet leaf and clear florals harmonizing perfectly with clear, clean green tea, oakmoss and musk.  (Is there a trend in this year’s fragrances with all these teas?)

Hana No Kaori –  is from a Japanese wisteria flower, light, pink, and subtle, over ozonic notes, baby’s breath, freesia, blush rose, delphinium, osmanthus, fern and a floral musk. This just whispers to you softly in your ear, begging, no demanding attention in an understated way.  It’s regal, subtle beauty stands up to any type of use you’d care to try.  I’d love to see this in a pastel bar of solid colour.  A barely-there pink with tiny blossoms on the top.

The last one in our lineup for additions to our line is a very popular one used often in salt bars.  Salt bars are great for detoxifying the skin, lightly exfoliating, and keeping your skin slowing all summer long.

Mineral Salt Spa -an indulgent, elegant marriage of water lily, lotus, cyclamen, over bamboo, white cedar and musk.  It’s an enigmatic blend that will have you coming back just to sniff the bar, particularly after a stress-filled day.

I’m looking so forward to having some time to play with these fabulous fragrance this year and  try them in some new products we’re adding into our product line this year.  We’ve been tweaking, re-working and planning out new products to give our customers the best possible experience in bath & body their money can buy.  It’s going to be an exciting year for us and we’re hoping everyone is looking forward to short-sleeve weather as much as we are!  Keep a watchful eye on our Facebook page, our Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and in here for all the great new things we’re bringing to our web site soon!

If you too are a soap maker and want to learn more about these and other great fragrance visit Fragrance Labs today and discover these fragrances for yourself.  I promise,  you will NOT regret it!

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