Spring 2015? Where?

It’s been a long, trying, freezing, dismal winter for everyone.  My heart goes out to those who’ve had the record-breaking, bone-chilling cold on record topped and worsened by the extreme snowfall amounts that are also headed for the topmost spot in the  record books.  It’s been brutal for sure, to put it mildly.  We all keep believing that it will end.  It has to end. It will, won’t it?  It never seems to end.  But it has to.  Right?  Well, I’m going to play the optimist today and say yes indeed this terrible, horrible, no-good rotten winter will finally curl up its toes and go quietly into that good night and we can go back to breathing milder air, slightly tinged with pollen.  Once again the lawnmowers will get cranked back up and husbands, sons, brothers, and uncles across America will grumble over the onerous duties of once again cutting the grass.  But that scent!  Oh the smell of fresh-cut grass!  You know the one.  It smells like watermelon to me, but then whenever I smell watermelon,…… yes, I think of fresh-cut grass.  Fresh-Cut GrassWatermelon








But until those glory days filled with dandelions, the hum of birds and bees buzzing flower to flower, and warmer sunshine filled days arrive, we have to think of spring while we create wonderfully soothing soaps, body butters, lotions, and fizzies that bring spring & summer to mind with every breathe we take.

We’ve loaded up with a new selection of fragrance oils, from Fragrance Laboratory, one of our favorite suppliers of fragrance oils, and are ready to send senses reeling this year!  We have a delectable array of tea fragrances like the succulent Hibiscus Tea, a resplendent blend of hibiscus tea, woody notes, spices and hibiscus nectar.  Are we drooling yet?  Hibiscus Tea






Next up is Jasmine Neroli, a voluptuous floral, purest white, softly sexy, almost ethereal yet far too worldly with the additions of bergamot, orange blossoms, bamboo & lime to be entirely innocent.  Jasmine

Our third one is a Nectarine that is a far cry from your grandma’s nectarine.  Gone is the drippingly sweet and here to stay with a fresh green note thanks to the a hint of lime, plus a woody oak, then it’s all nectarine.  Sweet but not too.  It’s just right.  Nectarine Tree


More fragrance are also here that I will list and describe in the next post, but to prevent overload, I’ll save those for later.  We ‘re also await the arrival of Himalayan Pink Salt in 3 sizes for a line of bath soaks.  We all need to unwind after the winter we’ve been through, don’t you agree?  What better way than a hot soak with something soothing, detoxifying and aromatic.  Pampering is always needed.


So until next time, stay warm, stay dry and keep thinking spring-like thoughts!