What’s in a name?

“A rose by any other name….”. so the saying goes but what’s in a name really.  Well, everything!  It’s one of the first things people see when they pick up your product to get a better look at it.  Sure, sure, they’ll take it straight up to the nose, who doesn’t, but the name has to appeal to the masses as well or they might reconsider.  Who’s going to get their guy something with a Frou-Frou name, you know the ones, like Pucker Up, Powdery Sweet, Dew Drops, or Sugar Kisses?  I mean, a guy has got to have vast stores of confidence in his masculinity to buy and/or use a soap with a name like any those.

So let’s think about names and what goes into the naming of a new soap or some other B&B product that has a scent that’s out of this world, knocks your socks off, makes you swoon & weak kneed all at the same time. You’re settling in for a good night’s sleep right? It’s about obscene:thirty at night and you should’ve been asleep a few hours ago, but if you’re like most creative types, your brain doesn’t know that it’s time to knock it off for the day.  It’s still churning away, thinking about what’s next on the agenda for your store front, your web site listing, etc.  But you try to lay down, close you eyes, pull the covers up to your ears the light’s off and slowly your body begins to relax.  Then suddenly like a bolt from out of the blue, a name pops into your head and will not stop hammering away at you until you sit back up, turn the light back on, and write it down.  Here’s where a bit of forthought comes in handy.  Put paper and pen by the bed and LEAVE IT THERE.  You won’t regret it. You never know when these brainstorms are going to strike and they should be appreciated for their arrival, celebrated even, when they do.

Now you have this magnificent name rolling around inside your whirring-like-mad brain, so what now?  Keep that list with you or have several lists everywhere you spend a great deal of your time, no matter what you do there.  Skip the bathroom, btw.  At the end of the week, pull these lists together, compile them into a group of your best choices, or your top 5 or 10 names.  Who knows when you’ll need them, so keep them handy.  Another idea would be to pick up some of those adorable journals you find everywhere, even in Walmart of all places!  IMG_2481 (1024x768)I love this little cuties and get a new one every now and then even if there’s no pressing need at the moment.  It’s always nice to have some around for different things.  One has all my blends in it.  Another is divided up into section with page post it tabs in different colours for different types of notes made in researching soaping oils, infusions, FO blends, EO blends, additives,etc.  Honestly I really don’t believe you can have too many of these kicky, colourful little helpers!  Mine are all ruled journals, which is a good thing because my handwriting tends to slope.  Upwards generally.  (I’m an optimist?) And I like to keep things neat, so the ruled pages make everything look much neater.

My butterfly journal in this pic is almost full, so the purple will take over when it finally reaches maximum capacity.  Recipes, plans, major plots, etc will go in the big yellow one.  The purple one is now placed by my bedside at night, too, just in case a sudden lightbulb moment occurs and I must write it down.  I really must because even if I say it several times, it can still be lost overnight through deep sleep.  But that’s just me.

Maybe you struggle with naming your soaps once they’re made or perhaps you have an idea for a name, but it just doesn’t fly with others.  Hm, well, save it for another batch.  One you’re really fond of, that you’ll love hanging onto for yourself.   Or maybe name it that name you love and don’t tell anyone until after the fact.  Once it’s on the ‘net, it’s a done deal.  Of course, the next time you make that soap with the same scent, there’s no reason why you can’t name it something else to appease the minions (or yourself if your line, style, or something else has changed).

Some name their products/soaps according to the colours used, or something that brings the notes of the fragrance(s) to mind, but you don’t have to be trudging through that regular list of possibilities.  Try branching out and thinking like a guy to name a mens product.  What do guys like to do in their spare time (besides that), what sorts of colours are they typically drawn to, what fragrance notes appeal to them best.  Take a wander through a mens cologne display in one of the finer department stores (NO, Walmart does NOT count!).  Write down the names of the ones you like best, bring that list back to your computer and look up the notes in a web site like Fragrantica.com.  It’s an amazing place that huge, complete, and so extraordinarily helpful when it comes to building a custom blend or identifying notes that are the most popular.  Look around at the names used for the most popular mens fragrances for inspiration.  Not to copy completely mind you, but to give you a sense of direction to take you on your own journey in naming your Can’t-Live-Without-It products.  This same technique applies to the naming of womens soaps/products as well, so have two pages set aside – one for the girls, one for the boys.  you could possibly for for a third and have one for the littler ones in our lives.  They like fun sounding names and their shopping mommies & daddies do, too.

I’ve recently struck naming gold and now I have to come up with soaps to match those magnificent monikers.  This isn’t always the order of things.  Some soaps are made first then have gone unnamed for days until I finally hit on something that halfway pleased me.  Other times I’ve asked for help within Facebook groups for ideas, but a pic should be included to help nudge those helpers along in their name brainstorming.  A scant few have had names I didn’t like that much and they’ll be changed with the next batch of that soap to make them more appealing to the shopping public. It isn’t always easy to name a soap, especially one that has odd colours, patterns, or a very common fragrance in it.  At least that’s been my own experience.  Yours may differ.   But don’t dispair, something will hit you when you least expect it and now you know to Be Prepared!

I have my soap names now, and the recipes will be built over the next few days, so keep a weather eye on this blog site for pics of what my midnight ramblings produced.  They’ll also be found in my faebook page, Twitter Feed, G+ and Pinterest page.  Yeah, social media is my ‘other’ job. And my hubby will divorce me over them one day.  Not!

Keep it bubbly ’til then!  Later!