Latest Good Read – The Bourbon Kings

Written by the same author who brought us the series Brotherhood of the Black Dagger, J.R Ward, the name was intriguing enough to capture my attention and the book held it ruthlessly in its white-knuckled grip throughout the story, beginning to end.  There are damaged souls contained herein, just as there are in the Brotherhood series, but this one is a family, the Bradfords.  They are THE family of bourbon crafters, the BBC, Bradford Bourbon Company.  A dynasty begun with a grant of land from 1778 in the South and family run throughout its long, storied & lucrative history.  The family is definitely a prime definition of dysfunctional and steps that up a notch as the story unfolds with reckless abandon, tension tight as bow strings, though those who were destined to be together will have many an obstacle to overcome.

If you like or even loved the Brotherhood series by this writer, you’re going to love reading about the deceitful twists and ruthless turns of the Bradford family.  You’ll be left wondering why money seems to corrupt and amazed at how thoroughly it does.

I’ll give nothing away as to the plot here.  You ‘ll have to discover that for yourself.  Suffice it to say, it’s worthwhile.  Completely worthwhile to grab this one, lock the doors, grab a chair that’s extremely comfortable and put out the Do Not Disturb sign.  Do not expect to sleep until it’s done.  This isn’t one to read to put you to sleep at night – ask me how I know.

The Bourbon Kings
The Bourbon Kings

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