Wine Soap Update

As of today, the wine bar soap loaf using a blend of the Sparkling Plum + Champagne Kisses fragrance oils (WSP) is still a bit too soft to cut.  It was made at nearly full water, so this softness is not unexpected, just really annoying as I’m always anxious to see what the swirls look like inside.  Guess it will be a few more days yet. *sigh*  The top’s swirling still looks very nice.  Ashiness tried to start, but a quick spritz of alcohol sent it packing.

The wine soap in liquid form turned out very nice though dark, which also was to be expected given the darkness of the wine itself.  Cooking out the alcohol can also darken it further, which is why I try to keep it low & slow rather than boiling it off.

So now the Lambrusco wine soap, bottled up and nearly ready to show to the prospective wholesaler looks like this –

Lambrusco Silk Hand & Body Wash bottled and labeled (1024x768)


For those who might be interested in knowing where I found the pumps, collars and jar lids, you can click here to find them. has many styles & colours to suit nearly every taste, budget and need.  Their prices are competitive as well. These brushed pump tops are bit pricier than I’d like so they won’t be repeated, but these make for a clean look to something new to the public. Factory Direct ships very quickly with sturdy packaging so nothing is at risk for damages during shipping time if handled properly.  We all have had our expereinces with shipments arriving crushed, mangled beyond all hope, or even lost completely.  That isn’t due to FDC’s poor packaging for sure!

I’m still on the lookout for the next bigger size jars, maybe even in a tinted colour that would suit me, but not entirely sold on that idea.  My store’s web site does not sell glass jars so these would need to be redone in a safer type of bottling when placed on the site.  I love boozy soaps in all forms, so these are keepers.

Glass jars have their uses, but they also have large drawbacks as well, once of which is breakage.  It’s scary to think you might be held liable for someone buying your product then breaking it and blaming you for their injury. I’d really prefer a plastic bottle but this particular wholesale customer wanted Mason jars which are not made in plastic. So, there we are.  Glass jars.

Another drawback is labeling.  These jars have raised designs on the outside plus a tapered shape.  Neither of these features are conducive to easy labeling.  The labels are difficult to put on and look reasonably straight.  They’ll always arc upward on the sides.  The raised designs also create gaps into which a drip can sneak in and cause the labeling to loosen & come off. 😡   These are customer specific obviously, but they’d be very cute for gift-giving occasions, wedding gifts or showers, at parties as prizes, or use at the sink when clean up is the next order of business.

One last thought on the wine post- when that stubbornly soft wine loaf is finally ready to be cut I will post pics of the results and let you know when it can be purchased.  Meantime keep it clean, folks!







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