Mischief in the mold 6 Framed with text

Thought this would be something slightly naughty, did you?  Sorry to disappoint, but this is about a fragrance that honestly makes me think more of Christmas time bad behavior with its name, but in fragrance it’s all about the beach.  Ozonic notes, clean, airy, lightly floral and just a hint of musk to make it appealing to both men and women.  That’s what this one is all about.  Some think beachy fragrances are more like a freshly opened bottle of Coppertone, but if you want to know the truth of it, I’ve never like that smell.  Not appealing to me at all.  Even the briny scent of low tide is better to me than Coppertone.  Still some love it and for those who do, this is definitely NOT your scent.

Mischief is a new fragrance oil available from Fragrance Laboratory and you can find it here.   I love everything & anything beachy so this was a Must-Have even if I had to do without dinner for several days to buy yet another fragrance oil.  This one is light, fresh, clean, subtle without fading away too much and soaps like a dream come true.  It’s a colourless oil, too, so you don’t have to use TD to compensate for the discolouration of it being added into your recipe.  It doesn’t accelerate, rice, seize, or heat your soap either, so if you try no other beach scents but one, this is the one to reach for.

I’ve also begun trying – emphasis on that operative word there – to make videos for YouTube in my soapmaking adventures and while I can’t say they’re a raging success, it still gets the task done.  Sort of.   I really need a better camera and more than that a tripod to hold it.  Trying to soap with one hand while recording my activities is awkward to say the least.  I tried to eliminate some of the shaking but there’s little do be done about going out of frame. Oh well.  My Christmas Wish list just grew by at least two items.  A camera & tripod.  A SIM card probably wouldn’t hurt either.

The final video has not been uploaded and I’m not sure I want to after viewing how blurry the loaf looks in it.  Maybe the cutting video will turn out better….though only if the camera is placed on a stable surface, not my left hand.  Now if I could only figure out editing….any tips or hints you can offer or send my way, please do so.  I’m far more comfortable editing still photos than videos.  Until then, see ya later!