The learning curve

So as if I really needed another avenue of time-consumption, I’ve begun (finally!) making videos of what my soap-making day is like.  Many a soapmaker loves to binge watch other soapers and how they create their beautiful soaps and other B&B products, so this is just a natural progression for us.  Honestly I’d forgotten there was a camera on the laptop and thought there was no way for me to record the steps when I made soap, but recently thought “Oh Yeah!  That’s a good use of that little all-seeing eye!” and began the learning curve of recording then editing videos.

Each one has gotten easier and though I’m still learning and there’s much to grasp, it’s been fun trying this new thing and I’ll certainly keep working on it since graphic design is something I love working on.  I’m a font ho and love to find intriguing ways to use the latest acquisitions.

If you’re wondering what the first long one looks like, check out my YT video on the Making of Snow Queen.  That was such a blast to make and though time-consuming to edit, totally worth the effort! New soapmakers out there should seriously consider making videos and creating a channel of your own.  It’s a perfect tool for letting the buying population see your process, what you do if something doesn’t go quite the way you’d planned (keeping cool under pressure), what your inspiration is or comes from, and why you do what you do.  I’d love to see where my B&B products come from.  Is it clean, is it a smoke-free environment, a pet-free environment, are the ingredients fresh and stored appropriately?  These details can help your customer decide on their suppliers of product and/or ingredients.

For what it’s worth, I’ve used Windows Live Movie Maker software for the editing of the videos.  It’s the one readily available and frankly, it’s paid for itself. I tend to do all of the graphics design for labeling, video editing, business cards, logo design, and with the help of my son whose talent shines in graphic design, the branding is working very well for our products.

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And a link to my YT channel – YourTube channel