I’ve been practicing on depth, dimension, shadows, and realism in the colored pencils on plain paper just for fun in recent days, trying to improve something somewhere along the way as I do each one.  Today’s project was a small cluster of bright red cherries in front of a wedge of ripe watermelon.  The cherries were the easy part.  I have a long way to go to work on the realism with a watermelon though to say the least!

I’m self-taught.  Haven’t really wanted to take classes or lessons for fear it would ruin the ‘fun’ aspect of art for me if I knew I had to draw a specific thing that was not of my choosing and turn it in by a deadline.  That’s intimidating even without the possibility of critique at the end!  So, I remain self-taught, but have lately taken up watching every YT video I can find on the subject of coloured pencil drawing and even some pastel (chalk) as well since I did that media for many years before other things took my attention away from it.

I love to draw, have done since I was big enough to hold a pencil and not hurt myself with it, slowly going from pencil line drawings to butterflies to birds in crayon to chalk pastel portraits to today’s coloured pencil workings and colouring pages.  Today was rotten.  To the core rotten.  Pouring rats, cats, & dogs outside all morning and there I was rolling slowly 10 miles to work in the dark and the rain.  Ugh.   Anyone who knows me how much I hate driving, even in good weather with the sun up already.  This morning’s commute was nothing short of hell.  Pure unadulterated hell.  So, once I got back home, for good that is since hubby and I went out to lunch today for a change, I slipped into my jammies,put on some Enya and worked on the picture I’d started yesterday.  Cherries and a wedge of watermelon. It was going very well until I stood back at realized that the shadows were all wrong for the watermelon.  Not that it looked all that realistic in the first place, but well, if the shadows are heading towards the left, then the right side of the watermelon shouldn’t be shadowed, now should it!  Oooops! Cherries cropped, resized So out came the gum eraser and the boo boo was eradicated and the shadow was placed elsewhere.  it’s okay, but I know it needs lots of work before I’ll be where I want to be.  Maybe I try some faces, which I have had more experience with in the past and see how they do with pencils, but if we plan to draw, we need to keep our net cast widely.  Draw anything and everything.  Do it often.  Keep stretching those boundaries outward.  It never hurts to go sideways and try something way off from where you’ve been going.  Being flexible doesn’t hurt and who knows, you might find that you have a flair for something else entire different from what you thought you excelled in.


Have you noticed how popular this new adult colouring pages trend has become?  It’s amazing to see how it’s just exploded onto the scene! Though I never grew tired of colouring all these many years, I didn’t do much until now when these highly detailed colouring books started appearing on bookshelves and stores, justifying my longing to colour anything and everything.  I think there should be a roll of designs so we can colour our own wrapping paper.  Don’t you agree?  Adult designs, intricate, fun and once you’ve completed it, you have a beautiful, totally unique paper to wrap something up for someone special.  Let’s do this!  Maybe butcher paper, using the paper side, not the waxy one.  I have lots of that around thanks to the soaping biz already in place, so let’s do something new and see what happens.  It would definitely take a while to colour up a roll of paper, but hey, it would be pretty and very unique.  And I love unique!


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