Diversification for fun’s sake

I’ve always loved to draw going back far back enough that I could safely say I’ve drawn things since I was big enough to hold a pencil and not lose an eye.  I began with butterflies from my grandmother’s Field Guide to Butterflies.  After a year or so, I tried birds from, what else, the Field Guide to Birds.  That was how I entertained myself while my parents played Canasta on the weekends before I began taking piano lessons.  Once those lessons started I played for them during the game time and served drinks during the break.  Halftime? Good times in a simpler age.

The drawing continued and once in junior high it was suggested that I try out the art classes, so being willing to try something new, I signed up during 7th grade.   I think it was seventh anyway.  So after a few weeks, we were given an assignment to draw a portrait.  Anyone at all was fine so long as it was a full face portrait.  Finally, an assignment I could dig deep for fun and a grade! I thought it turned out rather nicely, but my teacher took a look and instructed me to change how I drew the eyes.  I must remove the reflections of the lights in the eyes.  I said they were in the picture I used, so they’re there in my drawing.  He insisted they be removed because my drawing was obviously NOT a picture.  It was a drawing.  It was very frustrating because I’ve always liked doing the eyes the most in a face.  They’re something I worked very hard to make completely realistic and was told often to enough that I’d succeeded. Needless to say this would not happen with my drawings.  So I stopped taking that class.  He might not have liked it, but I would not change the signature feature of what I create.

Many years have passed since that year.  More than I’ll admit to here.  It’s always enjoyable to try out a new technique, a mew media or method, and even mroe fun to have others enjoy it, too.  I love creating something that brings a smile to someone else.  If it can make you happy, it’s something I’ll at least try.

Circular motif, December watermarked for blog

With the newly discovered therapeutic benefits of colouring for adults, it wasn’t too hard to work this newest form of drawing into my portfolio.  The above is the mandala now offered on my web site as a digital download.  It can be found in my etsy site as well as the regular, full service web site.  Links for the regular full site is found here….while the link to my Etsy store can be found here….. and please let me know if these links aren’t working for you!  I test them, but I’d like to know that a third party can get there through the links provided, too.

I love to colour, using coloured pencils, with these colouring books for adults that you can find just about anywhere now, but soem of the prettiest images to colour are individual pages.  You might not like every page in the books but you will get all your favorites in a choice of individual pages.  If you really want a great selection of pencils with a name that’s been trusted for a very long time, go with a nice set of Prismacolor pencils.  They’re the best around now for performance, smooth application of colour and lays down a soft layer of colour with little breakage. Blending is easy to do, seamless and practically effortless.

Christmas Amaryllis
Christmas Amaryllis

With the world becoming crazier, scarier, more rushed and stressful, it’s more important than ever that we find peaceful means of relaxing, decompressing somehow that offers us quiet time.  No thinking, just quiet, meditative motion.  Colouring gives us this and more.  If you haven’t tried it out yet, take some time out from the rest of the world and see for yourself. This is far better than just playing couch potato for an hour or more!


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