Quick Question……

This post is going to be a bit different.  This time the writer will be mostly YOU!  I want to hear from you this time.

Spring is just about here and thoughts are turning to the batches to be created for this year’s Spring-Summer lineup, so tell me what you’d like to see, what you’d like to hear about.  What fragrances or notes would you love to see translated into a soap?  Is there a particular ingredient you’d like to hear about or see soaped with in a cold process batch?  Do you want to see more posts about books or something else?  Leave your comments below and let me hear from you.  This tells me a lot about what your interests are, what you’re curious about, what you love to read about so no one gets bored seeing and reading the same ol’ thing over and over.  I also will be happy to post a YouTube video if something is requested that can be recorded.  So let me hear from you!