The Coincidence of Coconut Cake

I recently finished a really good read entitled “The Coincidence of Coconut Cake”. A struggling chef, Lou (a girl) Johnson, fights the good fight to make her restaurant a success sees it just within reach when catastrophe happens thanks to a poorly timed visit from a food critic who’s known for his blistering reviews. Due to circumstances back at home, she is a mess waiting to happen and the result is a terrible review that sends the potential customers away in droves. Her restaurant, named after her grandmother Luella, is in jeopardy. Meantime she meets a British fellow, Al, and they begin a quirky sort of friendship that makes both of them smile before, during and after their time spent together. He gets the 10-cent tour of all things great about Milwaukee and its history while she gets her mind taken off the floundering ship that is Luella’s. What she doesn’t know is that Al has an alternate personality, a pen name that has a byline set just above those previously mentioned ‘blistering reviews’.

He never tells her who he really is for quite a while, even after he realizes who she is. He first saw her crying, running along the sidewalk near Luella’s with a boxed Coconut Cake that eventually splats everywhere on the walkway while she continues onward to work – Luella’s. He’s out front preparing to walk in and be seated, to order a meal and write a review about the experience, neither of them ever setting eyes on one another until after the article is in print for all the readers to see. All he can think about is the lovely woman running along in tears, carrying then dropping the most delectable coconut cake he’d ever smelled. And he really wants to meet that sad lady and bring a smile back. He’s entranced. Intrigued.

She’s on the rebound after catching her fiance in a compromising situation, which he tries to explain isn’t what it seems. Nice try.

That’s just the beginning. She’s a lovable character start to finish. Al is obnoxious initially, though he kind of grows on you. You realize he has a soft inner core that no one truly sees. The fiance? Well, he’s an EX for a very good reason then later an even better one.