Getting Organized – Part 2

Well it has sneaked up on us once again, the end of another year and has it ever been a doozy.  Now that we know who’s going to be POTUS, for good or for bad, we now still have to live our lives and go about our business for the year 2017.

I live for office supplies!  I’m a nerd and happily wallow in the joy of freshly sharpened pencils, grid paper, post-it notes, index card (love those!) and fine point pens as they scribble across bookkeeping ledger pages.  I love the old-school ways as they’re a great back up for when the internet is down, the power is out, or we just want to write with our hands. *how many of us still know how to write in cursive?*

So with yet another year looming just around the corner, what do you do to keep up with all that you do?  Do you have a desk calendar to keep track of who to pay, when to bill others, appointments you must keep, etc? A wall calendar with big spaces to write down appointments, bills’ amt & due dates,  A tiny fit-in-your-pocket date book with literally no room to write anything it just helps you remember what day/date it is when at the bank and filling out deposit slips?

Well, never let function override form and let’s consider what planners will work without sacrificing aesthetics.  Let’s focus on planners for you entrepreneurial geniuses and divine dreamers out there.


Plum Paper Designs, an Etsy shop, caught my eye as a colourful, though not overly so, planner that will drive you to go beyond your present vision, write out goals, or print out their individual pages downloaded from their storefront.  Too handy to pass up!  Plum Paper Organizers has something for every style, every need, and every budget.  It’s even personalized.  Now you really can’t get much better than that. Very affordable too, at around $32.00 each.

Need something that can apply to both your business self and your private self?  Perhaps the next one is more of what you’re looking for.  Rituals for Living Dreambook can cover all aspects of your life corner to corner with plenty of places, spaces, pages and inspirational nudges to keep you on the upwardly mobile track.  Done in black and white for those who prefer a black & white page with no distractions from colours. It’s well laid out, orderly so those of us with orderly layout issues will be comfortable working on the pages daily.

Now this next one is an excellent choice for anyone who prefers a well-laid out organizer with clean spaces, options for what and how much to write, light handed colour choices along the outside edges of the pages, and the occasional splash of colorful images “Food For Thought” pages.  Daily Greatness Journal offers the following (I take from their web site for accuracy)

  • – Day To A View Planner
  • – Comprehensive Goal Planning System
  • – Gratitude Journal
  • – Weekly, Quarterly and Yearly Check-Ins
  • – Weekly & Quarterly Goal Planners
  • – Inspirational Quotes
  • – Appointment Planner
  • – Soul Clarity Worksheets
  • – Prompts and Reminders for Staying on Track
  • – Undated, so you can start anytime

I really liked this one!  This will likely end up on my shelves for 2017, though I’m not averse to creating my own.  For more options, here is a list of the Honorable Mentions for your 2017 Organizer:

iBloom Planner


Desire Map Planner

Shining Academy Workbook/Planner

  • note for above – they also offers marketing strategies training, business start up tips, classes, etc.  It’s more than just planners!

Day Designer – flagship designs

Savor the Success


All of these are well worth their investment monetarily and timewise. Get yours ahead of the rush and get it filled in so you can hit the ground running on January 1, 2017.

Note: I do not include actual product images out of respect for copyright laws.

Molding soap (not what you think)

I am not referring to soap that’s grown fuzzy but rather a soap that has passed the saponification stage but is still pliable enough to be shaped into the form of flowers, fruits, etc.

To date, I’ve done just one batch of moldable soap, but that batch went a very long way producing lemons, peppermint candies, candy canes, a braid,  1 dozen white roses, green leaves and leaves in fall colours.  All from just a one pound batch!

Using certain oils and butters in the right combination, this is possible and if you are curious to learn to create your own, I recommend the eBook written by Bee Iyata of Sorcery Soaps.  You can buy it here.

The roses’ construction is demonstrated in a YouTube video on my channel which you can watch here.

With this type of ornamentation on soaps can be decorated with cp soap rather than M&P.

If you’re anything like me, you might not have as much luck with M&P soap as you do with CP soap.  It always seems to sweat so badly here in North Carolina in our home despite trying dehumidifiers and not opening windows unless absolutely necessary.  I avoided using it for embeds or decorative touches for a very long time.   With this moldable soap, I can have those decorative touches again and not have to worry about sweating.

A batch with the fall leaves is now made and listed on my wed site as of this past week  Below you’ll find a pic that was included for the listing.  The leaves didn’t fold or buckle when added to the top despite being place vertically into the soap’s top.  Letting them dry for a few days before using them helps firm them sufficiently for use.


No doubt you’ll be seeing a lot more of our soaps decorated with these fun additions and thank you is not nearly enough to offer to Bee for her tutorial on making these and how to shape them to perfection.

A link to her YouTube channel is here. so now you can watch her perform magic with soap dough, bringing tiny flowers to full bloom, tiny mice to scamper across cheese shaped soap wedges and so much more.  Seeing is believing.

Until next time….