Molding soap (not what you think)

I am not referring to soap that’s grown fuzzy but rather a soap that has passed the saponification stage but is still pliable enough to be shaped into the form of flowers, fruits, etc.

To date, I’ve done just one batch of moldable soap, but that batch went a very long way producing lemons, peppermint candies, candy canes, a braid,  1 dozen white roses, green leaves and leaves in fall colours.  All from just a one pound batch!

Using certain oils and butters in the right combination, this is possible and if you are curious to learn to create your own, I recommend the eBook written by Bee Iyata of Sorcery Soaps.  You can buy it here.

The roses’ construction is demonstrated in a YouTube video on my channel which you can watch here.

With this type of ornamentation on soaps can be decorated with cp soap rather than M&P.

If you’re anything like me, you might not have as much luck with M&P soap as you do with CP soap.  It always seems to sweat so badly here in North Carolina in our home despite trying dehumidifiers and not opening windows unless absolutely necessary.  I avoided using it for embeds or decorative touches for a very long time.   With this moldable soap, I can have those decorative touches again and not have to worry about sweating.

A batch with the fall leaves is now made and listed on my wed site as of this past week  Below you’ll find a pic that was included for the listing.  The leaves didn’t fold or buckle when added to the top despite being place vertically into the soap’s top.  Letting them dry for a few days before using them helps firm them sufficiently for use.


No doubt you’ll be seeing a lot more of our soaps decorated with these fun additions and thank you is not nearly enough to offer to Bee for her tutorial on making these and how to shape them to perfection.

A link to her YouTube channel is here. so now you can watch her perform magic with soap dough, bringing tiny flowers to full bloom, tiny mice to scamper across cheese shaped soap wedges and so much more.  Seeing is believing.

Until next time….


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