New Years Resolutions anyone?

Some folks love fall because of the mild temps, the brilliant hues decorating the trees everywhere except on the evergreens, the bluer than blue skies.  Me? I’m that one that loves the hot weather, the sun shining with blinding intensity and the grass perpetually needing a trim.  Hot out there, don’t care.

Warm weather has other pluses (as well as those minuses like needing to shave, needing deodorant refills more often, firm, non-flappy upper arms) so as a soaper, I see those pluses and toss out the rest.  They work themselves out over time or I just learn to accept those things I cannot change…for now.

The New Year brings endless possibilities, like the promise of Spring & Summer 2017, so I’m planning, plotting, adding and eliminating many things. I try to reach for those things that are attainable in a realistic timeline or fashion.  Dieting is not one of those things I fixate on zealously.  I’ve had eating disorders most of my life, so weight is something I’d deal with every single day, fitness as well. Still, most tell me I don’t need to diet and well, let’s face it, most don’t stick around past the end of February.  Mainly diets are not realistic because they’re based on a premise of denial.  Denial of those things you love most.  Not necessarily two or three helpings of tiramisu, but still things that should be kept at a minimum.

As I’ve grown older I’ve noticed things I once loved are no longer so friendly to me.  High fructose corn syrup gives me prickly skin, sugar gives me a rash, salt gives me high blood pressure, onions cause reflux, since 1985 I’ve been lactose intolerant, and allergies began cropping up every year since I was 19.  So I hope to eliminate those things almost completely from my every day intake.  I say almost because, well, let’s be honest, no one can do without some sort of reward for good behavior for an extended period of time. We all have little lapses and those are fine.  It’s when we realize we’re living on a diet of sodas, chips and chocolate that we know we’re really in trouble.

With all this in mind, I’ve reduced the sodas to only diet.  Once every 6 months I might have half a can of the regular, but when I can find one sweetened with sugar, I’ll have the whole thing.  Still no high fructose.  No onions. Period. Chocolate was never high on my list of favorites, so I’m perfectly happy with a vanilla milkshake occasionally with a side of Lactaid or vanilla frozen yogurt. (PS: the best brand is the soft-serve at Costco, second best at Kroger, Kemps brand), so skipping chocolate is no loss.  White cake with white buttercream frosting on the other hand is devastating.  Guess I should be glad I’m not running a bakery any more, eh?

Eliminating those things that are unhealthy in our lives seems a lofty goal at first, but once you’ve started, they can become a matter of routine, leading eventually to the lessening of the ‘sugar high’ you’d get from eating them.  You’d be less likely to overindulge, less likely to crave them all the time, and even lose a taste for them.  Some folks do, though not everyone.

As the New Year approaches resolutions come to our attention more than at any other time of the year. So what are some of yours for 2017? Will they include diet? More time for family? Try new things? Improve a skill or learn a whole new skill?  Tell me about them, I’d love to hear!


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