Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
The lines become blurred between worlds when our central character, Jacob, finds an old abandoned house that is more than it appears to be on the surface. It appears decrepit one day and beautifully vital and inhabited by the most unique cast of characters one could hope to meet in a lifetime. Jacob’s father is busy watching the birds whilst Jacob explores the bogs and backwoods, leaving hhim alone to discover and become acquainted with the home’s residents. It also seems to let them go back and forth between the present day, the world in which Jacob is still with his father at a hotel as Jacob visit a therapist and the world Miss Peregrine inhabits , which is not in the present day but rather in the time of WWII.

The circumstances in which he and his newfound friends find themselves involved are as unusual as the children themselves, though all are extraordinarily likeable. Each child has their own unique ‘gift’ to make them special though initially, Jacob thinks he’s not special at all.  He feels at first that a mistake has been made and he should be there at all and attempts to return to his father but fate & actions intervene to make him realize he’s exactly where he should be.

As it’s a series and this introduces us to the Home and its special residents, it was possible this could be slow, boring, or too descriptive as it sets the stage for the coming volumes in the series, but as it turns out, there is not one boring moment in this story. You grow to love each and every one of them, the mysterious but kind in a firm sort of way Miss Peregrine. You realize there is a choice to be made in this first book, a very difficult one for Jacob, but not as difficult as one would think for his father, which I found a bit disturbing. I couldn’t really like or understand his father after this choice. Still it was a part of the story and Jacob is following in his grandfather’s footsteps.


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