An obsession with journals

There are many types of obsessions – some good, some not so good. Mine is with journals.  I love to find journals to keep notes, thoughts, ideas, plans in some semblance of organization. Journals for personal use or professional use are a tremendous help to keep thoughts, plans & ideas pinned down so there’s never a time when you think,”jeez, I wish I’d written that down!”

Each one has its unique personality.  Its target contents. Some are for fragrances and blends.  Another is for designing ideas – colours, design on the tops, textures beneath, swirling movement for certain looks within the bars. Another is for additives and their various specific characteristics as well as what they bring to a batch of soap, lotion, shampoo, etc.  They are labeled in an obvious way so as to know when I’m reaching for one, it is the right one for the moment.


Other times, when I spot a journal, I gasp with delight, not knowing what will go on its blank, lined pages, only that I must have it.  It’s too beautiful to pass by.  Such is the case with my most recent find.


I found this beauty while browsing Amazon for account ledgers.  What was a onerous search suddenly turned into something miraculous, brighter than sunlight.  There were so many beautifully crafted journals it was impossible to choose so they all went into my list of favorites.  It was a painful as choosing a favorite child.  Can’t be done.  The edges have gold leafing and the book’s inside cover paper is also a soft pearly gold.  The pages for writing are lined with a soft creamy ivory tone so it doesn’t appear glaringly white to your eyes.  Subtle beauty at its finest.

This is destined for something elegant, graceful, supremely  unique and altogether set above and beyond what’s contained in the others.  What that will be remains to be seen, but this small, not expensive investment already holds a place of honour on my shelf.


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