Lemongrass Anyone?

Lemongrass Pre-Buy from Fragrance Laboratory

One of my favorite suppliers is opening up a Pre-Buy for Lemongrass in case any of you readers need, use, love essential oils.  They offer it in 8 oz and 16 oz sizes and their quality is second to none.  I’ve worked with them for years and have always loved how their fragrance and essential oils have performed.  Nothing speaks to quality like a well-produced batch of soap, lotion, or pest avoidance product.  I love using Lemongrass in my Bugs Me Not!

Prebuys work in just such a way.  They receive a sample, put in a minimum order for a certain baseline amount to their supplier, must sell a minimum numbers of pounds from this baseline amount and if it reaches that minimum baseline amount they order the oil.   Once the oil arrives, it’s bottled by our supplier, which in this case is Fragrance Laboratory, then they will notify you that it’s going out in xx days.  Most soapmakers stay ahead of the curve by working in two-month-in-advance patterns, so this method of ordering should be no problem for most of you.  This method takes longer so you cannot be in urgent need of the oil, so be prepared for a wait.  It’s truly worth it though because you get exactly what you want and the quality is beyond compare.

Their packaging is sturdy as well so be prepared to work for it when your order arrives.  I’ve never had any spills from any order placed over the many years I’ve ordered from them, which is great as a spilled oil is not usable and your precious money gets wasted as well as the oil.

Stop into their site and see for yourself.  They offer some of the best fragrance oils on the market, with testing and result posted on the site to make it easier for you to create with confidence.





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