The troubles with labeling & branding

I know people who are able to snap out a product label without batting an eye, no problemo.  They can design in their sleep and are perfectly happy with the results for ages.  I am NOT one of those people.  I’ve fought for years over the looks in product labeling and even the product itself and still find it wanting.  At least from my own perspective.  I think the same can be said for many other bath & body product makers.  Many are still finding it doesn’t impress them as it once did or never did at all whenever they see their products lined up on a shelf.  They dream up a perfect design for their brand and style then it somehow gets lost in translation from imagination to imprinting.

Mine has evolved a lot over the years.  Those early years were such a struggle when trying to achieve my own unique voice & look that it embarrasses me to even look at some of those ideas now.

Initially, I had just an ‘N’ in a fancy font.  It took more than a year, probably closer to 2 years, to find  a different font that I loved, placed it inside a bubble, one that could be changed with  the seasons and the colours within the product being featured and remained happy with it  Today, I have one for nearly every occasion – including the bubble version of the little black dress – black-bubble-clean-edges and one with a filigree edge…..Black Bubble, framed.png

and liked how they looked so much I used the bubbles with a slightly different colour combination for my first initial of my given name.

Champagne layered bubble D.png

[Side Note – Neecy is what I am to my grandchildren.  My given name is Denise, so since Neecy and Denise are the same person, of course I had to have a bubble that ties me back to the Neecy version of myself.]

So now I’m happy with that aspect of the labeling and branding but still it’s just the logo.  What about the rest of our product labeling?  Ugh!  How many incarnations of that will I end up with is yet to be determined, but I know I’m extremely close to being content now since this design has not changed in quite a

These in a clear Avery label placed on vellum wrappers for the bar soaps are where I am now and so far it’s sticking around a while. A clear label is also used for frosted jars for our cream soaps, sugar scrubs, body whips or body creams. I like clear jars for our products as I feel it builds trust in our products.  The customer sees exactly what our product looks like from top to bottom so they know exactly what they’re getting. No surprises.

For the men’s line, packaging is done with a modified flourish.  Today’s efforts were spent in making a label for the men’s shave soaps that still reflects the brand’s style but without the feminine flair.  Here’s what we’ve come up with for a shave soap in puck form.


If you’re still struggling with your labeling, take heart and take sometime to decide what a package would look like if you were buying it for yourself.  What would appeal to your visual sense most, entice you enough to buy it, choose it as a gift for a friend or loved one?  What images draw you in more than anything else?  Chances are, if it appeals to you, captivates you in every possible sense of the word, it will appeal to your potential customers as well.  Give it that extra nudge towards your ideal audience and the rest will fall into place.  Asking friends, family members, a person with knowledge in graphic design always helps.  Get every perspective you can from every person you trust with valuable input and the rest will happen organically.


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