Literary Inspiration

Being a former employee of a library, former homeschooling mom of four for 9 years and the crafter of cupcakes and designs for my daughter’s baby shower for her then-pending delivery of daughter Kenzie, children’s classics are familiar territory and a wealth of artistic inspiration for many things in various channels of my current life. I mentioned the baby shower specifically because the theme was Alice in Wonderland and the decorations and packaging for many things on the food table related to elements of the story.

These flags on the left for the cupcakes were printed onto a sheet of cardstock, a background of antiqued with aged edges printed on them and cut out to fold around a cut bamboo skewer using two-sided tape.  They rose to only about 1″ above the top of each cake from the bottom of the flag to the surface of the frosting.  The blue gradient was also printed onto cardstock using a background from PicMonkey, also cut out then punched with a hole punch, strung onto 1/8″ ribbon wrapped around the threads of an 8 oz Mason jar (no lid), and the tag would hang along the side of the jars tempting the guests to “Drink Me”.

Cupcakes on the stand

Drink Me all in a row

These decorations were so much fun to do that I decided to keep them stored in a file for future use with other events or for use as ideas or springboards for other projects.  I’m also a huge font hoarder and found a font that resembled Alice In Wonderland type of style used in other media outlets. That font is the one you see on the tags in the images above for the cupcakes and jars.It was done in bold to be easier to read.

With that design style in mind, this approach was pulled from the archives to use for labeling the samples of body lotion and liquid soaps done for the web sites.  I often send out several samples with each order but had no sample sized bottles until recently.  The liquid soap samples were done last night with a hang tag using the Alice in Wonderland-inspired packaging idea – each tag is tied it around the neck of a bottle.  The tags are hand-printed. One side reads “Wash with me!” and the other gives the scent name and weight in each bottle plus the “Body Wash” product name.  Inserts are printed out with the ingredients of samples in bottles or jars as they are very small, often oddly sized or shaped and hard to label. Sample tagsFinding inspiration is always possible, it just sometimes lies just beyond our line of sight.  Close your eyes and let your imagination take over when you hit the wall.  I’ve hit it so many times we’re now on a first name basis.  It happens all the time.  Push come to shove, hit Pinterest and live in there for a little while until you have enough great ideas to last a long while.  Just don’t do it too often.  It can suck you in and you’ll not come back out for days.


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