Taking A Dare

Growing up in a neighborhood filled with similarly aged kids nearby, bicycle-riding distance at the most, friends were a constant.  My house.  Their house.  No difference really to us as long as we had our free time for doing whatever kids do during those long days of summer.  The most mischief we’d get up to was playing Truth or Dare.  Always wary of the dares as they loved to try to get me into way more trouble than any game was worth, I always chose the truth.  I was boring.  No one really had anything over on me because I was a wallflower for the most part.

As an adult and now married to one of those school-age friends I’d known since 6th grade, WB likes to challenge me to try something new whether it’s new colors to wear, a new Thai dish he’s tasted while living in Asia for 12 years or getting on an airplane for the first time in my life. I have to admit he’s a challenge unto himself really, but I love a good challenge. He’s managed to get me to try  more new things in the past 8 years than I’ve had in the entire lifetime prior to marrying him in 2011.

Now he’s trying to get me to create something with a certain color, a certain scent, a certain look and the range is growing broader every day.

Today alone he threw three new ones at me. After making two batches of milk soaps with a single essential oil as the scent – one with orange the other with pink grapefruit – he was thrilled to see the results.

Now he’s pushing the envelope of what he envisions as opposed to what he thinks I can pull off.  Those first two were easy-peasies.  Nothing fancy.  Just a milk soap with the EO blended into a clay to make it stick.  No other EOs added.  The colours have to match the scent, too.

Now he’s listed the rest –

A Cherry Garcia sort of soap, with Black Cherry, Chocolate Chips, and vanilla ‘ice cream’.

Muscadine – complete with the colours of a muscadine found in nature.

Gummy Bears inspired soap, complete with fruity fragranced gummies.

Lastly (so far)- Cotton Boll.  A nod to his work in the cotton industry so he wants a soap that looks like a cotton boll.

We’ll see how this shapes up as time allows these to be made.  This is only the beginning…..


To Be Continued………



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