Time for a change

Seasons change, your lifestyle can change, your job can change and the same can be said for your living spaces.  As a teenager I rearranged my room all the time.  I loved changing things up, getting a fresh perspective from a different corner of my room.  I had a wide row of windows across two walls so it was also a room with a view.  I could see the nearby mall from those windows, which was really vibrant and festive around Christmas time when the tree was put up for the holidays.

As adults,we rarely have so much time or energy for rearranging our rooms.  It’s enough that we keep them clean and cleared away on a daily basis.  However, when the summer season rolls around, temperatures rise outside, the air conditioning is needed not only for comfort but also to spare my products the indignities summer temps and humidity can cause.

We have a roll-around 3-way unit that will either air condition in summer, heat in winter and de-humidify when the need arises.  It’s been a treasure let me tell you!  I don’t how we could manage to remain sane without it.  It was pretty miserable day before yesterday with high humidity and even higher temperature.  The night temp didn’t drop far enough to be comfortable at night.  My poor son dropped by to give me some happy news and the poor guy was sweating and really uncomfortable.  It was time.  I had to do what I’d dreaded.  Move everything out of the room, figure out where to hook up the air conditioner unit, clean thoroughly, then replace everything to a useful, handy location.

Job done, the room is cleaner, the air is fresher, I’m not sweating.  At all.  My poor skin is screaming in misery from the cleaners. Note to self: create line of household cleaners that won’t destroy my skin or my house! So I’m watching comfort shows by streaming them in my pjs and chilling out with a Pepsi.

I have a batch that needs its picture taken but today wasn’t a day for that anyway with heavy clouds, dark overcast all day and rain off and on all day.   Lousy light makes for lousy photos so that can keep til tomorrow.  The soap will still be here.  So will I.  A few hours sleep and some extra strength Tylenol will have things humming along nicely.


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