Junk mail!

Every day it’s the same thing.  Tons of junk mailings arrive in our mailbox every morning all year ’round and it invariably goes into the same place.  The trash can/recycling bin.  This morning it was ALL junk.  Every. Single. Piece. This made me wonder the reasoning behind it.

Why do companies constantly inundate our mailboxes with their junk mailings throughout the year?  It’s all on spec, meaning, they’re hoping to get at least 1 response in every 1000 mailings.  What about the rest of us?  The other 999? Why are we constantly having to go through it all, see who is nagging us this time and ultimately toss it into the bins? Surely it costs them something to do this day after day, month after month, etc?  How much would they save if they just stopped and relied upon actual FTF interactions? How much would they lose?

I’ve never been the least bit interested in getting a time share, extending my auto warranty with a third-party company that’s unknown to everyone and the reps on the phone are rude. I don’t want to sell a dealership my car.  I need that car!  I have jury duty this month. I don’t want coupons to restaurants I’ll never visit.  I know I won’t be, partly because you’ve nagged me so much over the years with your junk mailings.  The other part – I can’t eat most of what your serve.  I don’t want to consolidate bills, get a reverse mortgage, open a bank account with a bank that charges exorbitant fees for every little thing.  I don’t want to sell you my house for cash.  I don’t know you.  You don’t even give your name.  Your mailing is on a postcard which doesn’t sell me to the idea that you are reputable and awash with solid funding.  I don’t want to own an electronic sign in the mall down the street because there are NO STORES left to draw a strong customer base to it.  There’s no reason for shoppers to go to this mall anymore so why would I spend $295 on an electronic sign that no one sees?

I have to wonder where these pests get their paper supplies for all those glossy mailings with windowed (or not) envelopes with the fancy looks-like-they’re-handwritten addressee printed on the front.  How much is spent on this wasted material?  How much wood is being used to create these mass mailings?  How much could be saved if they ceased and desisted?  The statistics are staggering.  The studies have been done. To read more about this gross waste of natural resources, here are some links to find out more.

How Junk Mail Marketing Damages the Environment

Put An End to Junk Mail

The Story of Stuff

While email is far less personal, there’s no wasteful abuse of our natural resources, no glut in our landfills.  We simply delete and move on.  Perhaps more companies should follow this electronic means of reaching us if they insist upon trying.  Yes, ads can be blocked, but ultimately it IS up to us to do something about it.  We can choose to receive or deny something, read and follow up on it or not.  That’s the luxury of living in a technology-driven society.  Yes it has its downsides, but the upside could save the future our great-grandchildren see and live in.


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