What to Read for……

What are your favorite things to read – fiction, historical fiction, true crime, magazines, cookbook?  Why do you read them?  Illumination, education, relaxation, entertainment, brain boosting?  Your answer might vary from one day to the next depending on how the first half of the day went for you or where you are in the world or in your life.

I like to shake things up now and then by reading something that is completely out of character but it typically doesn’t last more than that one book.  Depending on how well written the book was, it might not even last that long.  If it’s poorly edited, that too is a fitting cause to abandon it and move on to the next.

Right now, I’m in a fit of reading some wonderfully put together magazines by Stampington.  I use that term with a wide brush stroke outwardly as there’s noting typically magazine-like about the publications distributed by Stampington.  They’re sturdy, matte-finished, thick stock pages of inspiration with no advertising.  They’re as far from a copy of Redbook as one could get and still remain on this planet.  They’re more book-like to me and long-lasting in durability and motivational articles.

If you blog, grab a back copy of Artful Blogging.  If you’re into all things crafty, you’d fall in love with Willow & Sage or Somerset Life. 

There are several titles I’d love to grab for the crafting interests I can’t seem to get enough of, but the one that really inspires me isn’t about crafting, soaping or blogging.  It’s about other women.  Those who create beautiful work of any of thousands of types of  works of art and the spaces they’ve built around them to let that creative muse flow through them – Where Women Create.  These entrepreneurial geniuses offer their own unique voices to give you that little nudge through the own-my-own-business door you need to find your feet and start running with it.  Their stories are heart-warming, honest, funny, and don’t give it that it’s all rainbows and butterflies.  There are cloudy days, potholes in the road to success, sometimes complete re-dos from the ground up.  But they are real.  You feel their joys, sorrows, successes and failures.  I love this one for the healthy dose of reality it serves while still being uplifting and motivating to try harder, perhaps from a different angle.

I share these with you to you can find your feet, regain your voice, find your muse, even if you don’t know you’re looking for them. Sometimes we’re so afraid of trying we push that whisper of an idea down so far we no longer hear it at all.  It still exists but the noise of the world is drowning it out.  Quiet the world for a while in something good to read, let that voice whisper louder in your ear and see what happens next.


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