What’s Next?

Service tech arrived – more than an hour early – repaired the AC, so we’re back to work with a fresh, shiny new work week.  With Monday squarely beneath my feet, I decided since the internet is still sketchy at times to do a bit of work offline for a while and hope it would work later – like now as it appears to be cooperating for a change. Doesn’t change the fact I still want to leave our current ISP.  Their service stinks and my business can’t afford anything less than getting our money’s worth.

I’ve been asked more than once recently if I make bath bombs.  My response both times was no but have since revisited this to decide to give it another try.  Not that I was unsuccessful in making them.  I’ve done that sort of item before.  I made bath fizzies for the itchies from chicken pox with colloidal oatmeal and shea butter, a bath fizzy without SLSA for those with sensitive skin that doesn’t tolerate the foaming agent.  The timing apparently was not right because they didn’t move.  At all.  Eventually it became clear their time had not yet arrived, so I pulled them from the web site and let it rest for a while.

After being asked repeatedly recently about them, it looked like maybe it was time to revisit them.  Today was spent formulating recipes for bath bombs again though these will definitely foam and bubble.  That seems to be the way most want them so that’s what they’ll do.  In the next few days they’ll be tried out and I hope to have a cooperating internet to be able to write about the outcome when they’re done.

Another item on the agenda for the coming days is to fill more bottles of the body wash with some of this summer’s scents found in bar soap form.  Most this year were single note fragrances and so far have been very popular, particularly the challenges soaps crafted at the husband’s suggestions.  He has great ideas about some things soap related!

Golden Silk Body Wash May 2016

Still another is to work on a formulation for a liquid soap shampoo.  A shampoo bar might also show up in a few months or the fall for those that prefer bar forms of shampoo.  A previous attempt at a shampoo bar did not turn out as I wanted.  It was heavy, made the hair kind of greasy, so that’s been corrected, but the bars will have to wait a while longer while I focus on other things. One thing is for sure, no matter the form – liquid or bar – they WILL contain beer, ale, hard cider or something along those lines.

Room sprays are also in the early planning stages.  Many simple, complex, or holiday-themed scents are perfect for this application so watch for those to appear as the holidays draw closer.

Some of our scents offered in all current products will be discontinued over the next few months and that’s been mentioned in the NN Facebook page. I’d love to hear from you on which fragrances you’d love to see continue if you have a moment to pipe in on your favorite(s).  It’s difficult to say what others will like so it’s a bit of a gamble to try out fragrances when you aren’t sure of how well they’ll be received.  Some that have been noted as popular have already proved themselves as keepers with everyone and still others are not quite there yet.  Please visit out Facebook page and let us know which fragrances from our web site you’d like to see stay on or return if there was one you ordered some time ago and haven’t seen in a while.  You can find our Facebook page here and our web site is here.

Off the top of my head I know we have not had any bars of Caribbean Sands in quite some time.  It’s very popular when it’s in stock so please let me know if you’d like to see its return.







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