Lessons from the post-computer apocalypse

Lesson #1 – and this is a big one so remember it well.  Back Up Your Data! Get an external hard-drive, the bigger the better because if your computer has a lot of images, pictures, family photos, videos for YouTube, etc like mine does, it will take a huge bite (byte?) out of the available space.  Get at least a 1T hard drive.  Lord of the Rings was stored in terabytes to give you an idea of size. 5792404_sd.jpg;max;max

When my PC decided it had had enough of my shenanigans and stopped booting, that hit me hard.  Many of the things I used every day for my bath & body biz were on there. Some were specific to Windows and incompatible with Mac, so I was reluctant to going Apple for the next computer.  Harder still, it had been a long time since I’d backed up the data. Why?  It took too long and my time is quickly chewed away by things beyond my control here at home so, long story short I didn’t bother to back everything up as often as I should have.

Now  we have a Mac for reaching the internet, doing my daily tasks as needed, but my soap making records were all in SoapMaker 3 and during the PC’s crash, that entire program was lost.  By extension, so were all my recipes, settings, molds & supplies.

I discovered too, that the recipes I had stored in there were not necessarily printed out in my hard copy records which are kept in 3-Ring binders in my work room. Some were, some weren’t.  That lack of information was brought into keen focus when I recently had a run of bad luck with lotion-making.  They were not turning out as they once had and I couldn’t figure out what was happening to cause these fails until I went all the way back to the beginning to my resources, studied proportions & percentages and found one item in particular was way off base.  Once corrected, the problem smoothed out – literally.  But this too is a clear & relevant reason for backing up your data.

So here’s Lesson #2 – make a hard copy immediately for all items you want backed up digitally.  Because – again – you never know what tomorrow’s going to do to you.

If you have not recently, do so now.  You never know what tomorrow is going to throw at you.  External hard drives are far less expensive than they were even a few years ago, so get one and use it often.  You’ll thank yourself many times for taking the time.