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I’ve been away a while now.  It’s not been easy to simply stop making soaps, lotions, scrubs, and all the other things that comprise my inventory but it has been necessary.

My husband’s health took priority over all else and when it faltered, there was no question but that I had to be there for him while he struggled to recover, slowly, one step at a time.

He’s well on down that road now and I’m relieved to see him doing so well and hopeful his life ahead will be as grace-filled and wondrous as it has always been.

Many of members of my family have stepped up to help us out when other things fell through and that has filled me with a deep gratitude for my family that reaches far beyond words.  Those who’ve been unable to be there physically for us have been there spiritually, lifting our spirits with little shimmers of sunshine that lit up our hearts, faces and our world.  Our latest grandchild was born during this time and that did so much for our spirits.  Our smiles have not stopped since welcoming little Cashwell into our hearts! Thank you to my daughter for allowing us to share in his birth at a distance.

My sons have offered a great deal of help in so many ways and for that I cannot every adequately thank them or repay them though they know we’ll certainly do our level best to try. When things are at their darkest, my children have always brought the light back into my world in a lasting and very personal way.  Thank you all for the gifts you’ve given me by being in my life and being supportive of both of us when we’ve needed you. It’s means so very much.

I will be able to get back to work very soon on what I love to do best and that is making all those wonderful things that help create a mood, an atmosphere of serenity, botanical bliss beyond compare and hope you’ll join me when I do.  In the meantime, we are loading up on new ideas, dreaming up wondrous things and looking forward to creative days to ahead.  We’ve got YouTube channel videos to film, too!