Salt bars!

Charleston Salt Bars Collage

To get you caught up if you’ve noticed I’ve been away for a while, I’m still soaping, blogging, recording videos and pulling my hair out over their editing and the writing of newsletters. Most of my current work can be found on my web site’s blog page here.

Above is the Instagram image used for the Salt bars made a short time ago.  I’ve also made a full-length video of their process which you can view here.

It was recorded in parts so it can be viewed easily in small portions so you’re not committed so long at the computer screen.  As always, it’s only for entertainment purposes and not as a tutorial.  Subscribe to our channel to follow future video posts and leave a comment, but please be kind.  I make for a general population, not for a small defined audience.  All products are not for everyone, so read the labels carefully when purchasing from anyone online. If in doubt, email me and I’ll let you know of any content you might be allergic to or have other issues with.

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Our Charleston Salt Bars has a video this time! Ta Da!

Here’s the link to our YouTube video for the Making and Unmolding of Charleston Salt Bars. Hopefully, we’ll be including many more videos in the future.

The Making and Unmolding of Charleston Salt Bars with stills