The Glow of Bacuri Butter

In an ever-increasingly crowded industry such as bath & body product creation, it’s growing harder and harder to be heard or seen in that over-populated arena.  My voice fades when strained, but I keep hope alive in my belief that it’s the quiet ones that often get more attention with a whisper rather than a shout.  Given my physical restrictions (weak vocal chords) I whisper and can still register on that B&B Richter scale.

The things I love to ‘whisper’ about most is a new discovery or new product crafted for its beneficial ingredients without being too obvious about it.  Crafty individuals that we are, we B&B crafters choose our words carefully in order to stay within a rigid boundary that excludes medical or beneficial claims that could set off bells to the powers that be.

The choices bath & body makers are never random.  They’ve all done their research, tested, and reformulated numerous times before finally landing on something they’re pleased as punch to send out to the masses.  I’m no different, by the way. I try to find that formula that provides a soft feel on the skin that lasts, even after washing, without a greasy or heavy feel. It’s a sort of holy grail of formulations.  It should moisturize without feeling greasy or clog pores, provide some type of beneficial results we’ve read about in a reliable, verifiable resource, and still be less expensive than the pricier than gold products in those chic boutiques downtown or in suburban malls.

One such recent new discovery is Bacuri butter, a dark, dense seed butter found in the rainforests of Brazil. It’s known to the populace for its use to help with cold sores, scars, wounds, blemishes that have already appeared. As a proactive application, it’s wonderful for nail, hair and skin health, maintaining collagen and elastin production, and a rich, high-performing emollient. It also contains high levels of Lysine and Methionine which your body utilizes for the treatment of cold sores & psoriasis, and strengthening & maintenance of hair, skin & nails respectively.


Given all of that and the fact that, to me at least, it smells like chocolate, I’ve made plans to use it in a body butter for fall & winter this year.  With the blend planned it should leave the skin velvety feeling and perhaps a bit warmer in hue.  As for scents, well, that is yet undecided.  Not sure if any other scents would go naturally with the butter’s natural aroma, but we will see. I can imagine it with hints of chocolate and an underlying note of coffee.  Almond or vanilla could also work.  Something slightly sweet, but definitely not sweet citrusy notes!

Want to read more about Bacuri Butter or purchase your own personal stash?  Click here. You’ll find many more glorious butters for skin, hair and nails at this link as well.

Want to shop for our products? Products crafted with this deep, dark butter are coming soon. It’s too hot during our summer months for prep and shipping, so we will be releasing in mid to late September Click here.



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