Jeepers Creepers

It’s the little things that really annoy me most. Things like

  1. drinking directly from the milk carton then putting it back……
  2. filling up trash cans but never emptying them….
  3. mispronouncing words, adding letters that don’t exist in that word….
  4. creeping up on my back bumper at stop lights.

If I was the car behind you, I would not be crawling up closer despite the light remaining blindingly red.  I stop behind cars at stoplights while I can still see where their rear tires touch the pavement.  And don’t move until the light changes and they’ve begun to move. It’s safer.  Less pushy.  Less rude.  Not aggressive.  And if someone hits you from behind, you don’t end up in that front car’s trunk space.Two Drivers Arguing After Traffic Accident No anticipation of a change in color in sight and cars creep forward anyway. That really gets to me because if they’re in that same intersection on any other day, waiting for that light to go from red to green, they’ll creep forward so much while the light’s still red, they’re halfway into the intersection by the time the light actually goes green.  Yet they hesitate.  It’s green now and still, they sit there like there might be a better option and if they wait for it, it will appear.  Then, finally there’s a twitch, they leap forward, maybe at the sounds of the annoyed person behind them urges them on via a blast of their horn  because the light isn’t green for long, maybe 15 seconds then it’s all over and you wait again for two cycles before it’s your turn again.

I live in the city, a heavily trafficked street runs just a few feet from my front door and through the years I’ve seen, and heard, pretty much everything possible that can be done in traffic.  Throw in a complication or obstruction like street repair, fixing a broken water line or burying a cable streetside, and it’s every man, woman or child for themselves.  It gets nasty.  Quickly.

I’ve often stood at the front facing window in wonder at the craziness that is our city traffic.  No signals because, well, it’s too much trouble and I’m sure they’ll get out of the way in time.  Maybe they’ll even read the signal-less drivers mind.  No small wonder that I hate driving not only here but pretty much anywhere.  I don’t have any choice right now with my husband unable to drive right now, but well, it doesn’t mean I have to like it. Wonder how some of these folks managed to get a driver’s license if they drive like this or maybe they fake it when they’re taking a driving test?  Fake it ’til you make it?

Driving is a necessary part of life now so why can’t other drivers just chill, be kind, share the road politely, don’t creep up so close you owe me dinner and a movie if not a ring on it?  Just sayin’.




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