What’s New?

Out of an otherwise wasted evening, there’s a little bit of success.  My blog is back but not with the theme I’d planned to use.  Pretty Young Thing is a pain in the tail to try to customize when you really don’t have the computer  lingo skills to understand what people mean when they tell you to use CSS and change the coding, reset html, blah, blah, blah.  I can build the machine, but I can’t teach it to speak!  I just don’t know this kind of stuff, so Pretty Young Thing is bought and paid for, but I can’t do a single solitary thing with it!  What a waste!

So, I switched over to a different theme, Bouquet, and changed the colour to Bluebells and this page is the result.  Pretty much cut and dry type of blog set up, so there’s no intricate steps to take to make it work like the old page did.  I like it, it just isn’t the one I had to PAY for!

The table is set up as much as I’m prepared to set it up for tomorrow task.  The adult summer reading program is a gardening theme this year, so I plan to make a Gardener’s & Kitchen (Cooks”?) soap for a Goodie Bag (Basket?) to offer as one of the prizes.  It will be a pretty firm soap with several butters in it, though cocoa or shea butters are not among them.  I also plan to include a few exfoliating ingredients, natural colourants in clay powder form, silk fibres, and This one isn’t going to be the colourful, swirly kind of soap I usually make, but a very hard working kind of bar that will help wash away the odors picked up during the coarse of the job in gardening tasks, weeding wild garlic, chopping onions, handling other smelly things (fish, garlic, etc) and leave behind something much nicer like lemon, rosemary, and mint.

I’ll post pics after there’s something in the mold to show and hopefully that will meet with better luck than the blog theme did!  Still gonna be bummed over that one for a while!


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